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Zoom Village – Create a Heritage Tourism Site and Earn Money

Zoom Village

This morning, via Blogging for Good in the Modern World, I found out about a new website called Zoom Village:

“The site provides an interactive platform for creating online tourism guides for any town in the United States (and a few other countries). The developersstarted from covering the town, they actually reside (Litchfield, CT) to give an example of the site features and capabilities. The central point is the offer to all the fellows bloggers to join the project and to get a portion of the generated revenues.”

I can see how genealogy bloggers could create a heritage tourism guide for their hometown or one of the towns they are researching for their own family history. One of my favorite ProGen assignments was to create a Research Guide and while I listed all the usual information for my ancestral hometown – Lowville, New York – I also listed items such as restaurants and bed & breakfast locations. In fact, one B&B owner was so impressed they asked for a copy to place in their information rack for guests!

There can only be one “mayor” for each location so like the Oklahoma Sooners, you need to act fast, create an account and “claim” your location. Only the Mayor can receive advertising revenues!

I think it would be neat if genealogy bloggers could start claiming some of the smaller towns and adding historical information, while at the same time making a little “mad money.”

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