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Why I Gave WorldVitalRecords a Second Look . . .

I wanted to share a recent experience with readers. I have a bad habit of “writing off” certain sites and resources  for my genealogy research.  Here is a reason why I need to change that habit: it could keep me from finding essential info for my own research and that of my clients.

A Special Offer from WorldVitalRecords

Think that WorldVitalRecords doesn’t have what you need? That’s what I used think and if you read below, you’ll see my own story of genealogy success using WorldVitalRecords!

Here’s a heads-up about a great offer from I’ve made some great progress using WorldVitalRecords and as a member of the genealogy community I know you are always looking for the best possible price on genealogy-related products and services.

WorldVitalRecords is a resource that I return to frequently. Recently, I was able to make progress with one of my toughest personal research challenges: finding my Leehive ancestors in the US and in England.

Some features I appreciate are the ability to aggregate content from family trees on MyHeritage, memorials on Find A Grave and more. You won’t know how WorldVitalRecords can help you until you try it out!

For a limited time WorldVitalRecords is offering a special discount (53% Off) on its annual membership. Act Fast – this special offer ends October 23.