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Winners – Data Backup Weekend Contest

handy backup

We’re pleased to announce the winners of our latest Data Backup Day contest! These folks have won a free copy of Handy Backup – a complete, extensible backup solution – from Novosoft LLC:

The winners were selected at random using and the prizes were graciously provided by Novosoft LLC.*

Congratulations to all the winners!

And remember, Novosoft LLC is having a Holiday Gift sale running through Monday, 11 January 2010!  You can order a copy of Handy Backup at a discount and also get a bonus copy to give as a gift.  And don’t forget that there is also an enterprise version of Handy Backup available!  So stick to those New Year’s resolutions to back up your data and consider Handy Backup as a way to accomplish that goal.

* * *

Take a look at all the Data Backup Day posts from the contestants and from other genealogy blogs:

* I did not receive any compensation in any way by Novosoft LLC for the prizes or for running this contest.

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

6 thoughts on “Winners – Data Backup Weekend Contest

  1. Wow – my first participation in a Data Backup and I hit the jack-pot!
    Thank you, Thomas, for arranging this contest with Novosoft LLL. All your technical advice is a precious resource for the genalogy/family history bloggers.
    Evelyn in Montreal
    A Festival of Postcards

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