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The Winner of the GeneaBloggers E-News Contest Is . . .


Congratulations to Kerryn Taylor, a member of GeneaBloggers from Australia and author of the Ancestor Chasing blog, who is the big winner in our GeneaBloggers E-News contest!

Here’s what Kerryn said via e-mail when she found out she was the winner:

My husband and I have a small rural general store/cafe which is open 7 days a week so I don’t get out much. I’m fairly new to geneablogging and I just love the community spirit of it.  I’ve “met” and learned a lot from so many wonderful people   It gives me a social life I otherwise wouldn’t have with the added bonus of allowing me to indulge my love of genealogy and family history. My blogspot is

I’m really looking forward to your new newsletter and  I’m sure everyone will gain a lot from it.

Thank you for running the competition which allowed me to win the  Amazon gift card. I have always wanted to buy an external hard drive to keep a back up of my computer and family history files and photos but there has never been quite enough spare cash.  Now, thanks to you and GeneaBloggers I can.

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  1. Thanks for running the competition. I am delighted that Kerryn (a fellow member of ‘Genealogists for Families’) won the gift card. Despite not having much spare cash, she has been helping others through Kiva, and it’s great that she can now do something for herself.

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