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WikiTree Widgets – Your Input Needed

WikiTree widget

I’ve been asked by Chris Whitten of WikiTree to solicit feedback from the genealogy blogging community on a participation widget he is developing for WikiTree.

The concept is this: as a WikiTree participant you can let others know your recent edits on your WikiTree page. The widget will not only help communicate some of the surnames you are researching but also attract others to build their own WikiTree pages.

To help out with the selection, first visit the page of draft widgets here. Each widget is labeled with a letter (a, b, c, etc.). Then leave your feedback in the comments on this post. I won’t post my comments right away since I don’t want to skew the discussion but I do have my favorites already!

You can also leave feedback at the WikiTree page at Facebook – just post a comment on their wall or in the Discussion section.

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I want to thank Chris for reaching out to the genealogy blogger community.  More and more genealogy vendors and service providers are realizing how genealogy bloggers can help to shape the genealogy industry through their input and opinions.  WikiTree has consistently made an effort to reach out to the genealogy community and should be commended for doing so.

You can read more about WikiTree here at GeneaBloggers in a review of the product and an interview with Chris Whitten.

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14 thoughts on “WikiTree Widgets – Your Input Needed

  1. Thanks, Thomas!

    Any and all feedback is appreciated. I know many of you don’t use WikiTree (yet), but that doesn’t matter. Your input is invaluable.

    Do you like or hate any of these? What dimensions would you want? Formats and styles? Color choices? Taglines and slogans? Does anything rub you the wrong way? Is there anything you might want to use but don’t see here?

    Feel free to e-mail me personally if you prefer: chris at

  2. I personally would steer away from the “Club 100” or “Club 1,000” badges – simply because the objective isn’t to have more contributions than anyone – but to have better quality contributions.

    That being said, I think my favorites are probably C and J – for their small size and simplicity.

  3. Here is my take on the widgets:

    1. I don’t think widgets with your personal pic or avatar work well. For those who don’t use a profile pic it looks odd. Also, many people like their anonymity on the web. I realize that for social media purposes programs like Facebook love these types of widgets with a profile pic but I don’t think it works here.

    2. Not sure how I fell about the I <3 WikITree logo/slogan. I’m a native New Yorker who grew up with the original “I Love NY” commercials. For me there’s always been something tacky about it. But what makes it work here are the humorous slogans below it like “But it’s not like an exclusive thing . . ” This might be enough to get a viewer to laugh and click on the widget to learn more.

    3. That being said, my faves are B and F (without the profile pic). However a white background can get lost on most blogs – so I would use the green or yellow colors from the WikiTree logo.


  4. I choose J because of the size, the color and no personal picture. I think it should include “join me @, though.

  5. I like B, but add the invitation to join WikiTree. If I wanted to promote that I’ve added people/records/surnames, I think displaying a few is more beneficial that displaying just one.

    I also like J for a very simple badge.

    It’s a good idea to offer at least two options, one simple badge (J) and one more advanced (B).

  6. Thanks for all the great feedback! Conclusions emerging …

    * Offer a few standard sizes, including 125 and 200 pixels wide (@Carol and Thomas on FB).
    * At least one advanced widget with the activity feed (@Penny).
    * At least one small and simple badge (@Judy, Jenny), e.g. J.
    * A little humor is good (@Thomas), e.g. F.
    * The green with rounded corners looks nice (@Cheryl). Not so much the white.
    * Include “Join me @ WikiTree” (@Penny, Vicki) or “Join me on the family tree wiki” (@Cheryl).

    Keep it coming!


  7. Thank you everyone for all of the great feedback!

    My personal favorite is B and C. I like the color of C, but I like the size and content within B. So maybe we need to merge them together?

    I like the suggestions to add “Come Join Me” (or something similar). I think it brings a good vibe.

    Thanks again for your feedback and opinions!

    WikiTree Evangelist

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