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This Week’s New Genealogy Blogs July 11, 2009

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This week we offer five new genealogy and family-history related blogs. We now list over 482 in our blog list!

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Adventures of a Fledgling Genealogist
I’m still pretty new to genealogy, so my blog exists not to share my discoveries or my research methodologies, but to share my adventures. I’ll write about the things that, as a new genealogist, confuse me or excite me or freak me out. And if you’re new too, maybe you’ll take comfort in the fact that somebody else is confused or inordinately excited. And if you’re experienced, maybe you can share some words of wisdom.

Mary’s Family Tree
I started researching my family tree when I was 13 years old and have been addicted ever since. I love discovering the stories of my ancestor’s lives, the thrill of the hunt for more ancestors and more of their history, and the satisfaction of solving a family history mystery.

Check out the neat family tree charts that Mary has embedded on her sidebar using a Scribd widget!

Mountain Genealogists
I am a professional genealogist, poet and author. I have more than eight years experience as a professional researcher. I am a mother and a grandmother. I am married to a wonderful man. We share our home with two rescued pets: Chica, a chihuahua; and Fred, a cat.

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Remember Our Names
My paternal grandmother, Jane Garnett (1922-2000) was from Bellville Austin County, Texas. For years my family would travel to Bellville, Texas for family gatherings and our first stop was usually the cemetery where several relatives were buried. When I first started to research my paternal side, I only knew the name of my great-grandmother, Louise Garnett whom my grandmother frequently spoke of. As I started to locate more information about my family, my mother reminded me about my grandmother’s 1st cousin, Idell. Though she is a cousin most family members affectionately refer to her as “Aunt Dell” because she was raised as a sister to my grandmother and her sisters. My parents planned to visit her on a Saturday in Aug. 2006, but I worked on weekends at the time and was unable to take off. So my mother took my information with her and shared it with Aunt Dell to see what information she knew about our family.

The Adventures of a Histotechneer
Do you know what a histotechneer is? It’s a term used occasionally by Andre Norton to refer to a race of beings whose main goal was to find evidence of their galactic forebears. It’s a great title for a science-fiction collecting genealogist!

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