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This Week’s New Genealogy Blogs – 16 May 2009

[Note: this is a regular feature of Geneabloggers which highlights new genealogy and family history-related blogs as well as those recently discovered by members of Geneabloggers. Use the Suggest A Geneablog! link in the sidebar to pass along information on new blogs.]

This week we offer 12 new genealogy and family-history related blogs. We now list over 413 in our blog list! Woot! We’ve passed the 400 mark!

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Anglo-Celtic Connections

“Family history and related news and views with a British-Canadian perspective from Ottawa, Canada’s capital for more than 150 years.”

Folk Are The Thing

“Why ‘folk are the thing’? Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that in the end, there’s nothing better than – folk. Nothing else comes close, nothing else compares. You can have everything in the world and if you don’t have folk, you’re a poor creature.

So this blog is about my folk, my family – or, to be Scottish about it – ma ain fowk. I belong to them and they to me, whether they’re still alive, or a memory in a photograph or only a name on a tombstone in an old kirkyard.”

Elgin County Ontario Genealogy

“The Elgin County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, located at St. Thomas, Ontario, is a branch of a non-profit organization of people who share interest in genealogy and family history. The Branch was first organized in March 1982. There are about 250 members. Any person or institution interested in supporting the branch is welcome to apply for membership. Check out the Elgin OGS web site at:”

Genealogy Compass

“Genealogy Compass is a free online resource that will help all genealogy and family tree researchers: Includes news and reviews of the latest happenings in the online genealogy world and offers unique family history tips, lessons, and training in plain English. You will discover videos and in-depth looks at the latest genealogy research techniques.”


“A genealogy column by A.S. Eldredge. This is a sweet blog with lots of good information!”

Indiana Genealogical Society Blog

“News for all those interested in Indiana genealogy. Send your news items to”

New Orleans Ancestry Blogspot

“Latest news and topics of interest concerning New Orleans Ancestry website. For amateur genealogists, people with families in New Orleans or those interested in New Orleans or Louisiana history and genealogy.”

Now What? Expert Answers To Your Genealogy Questions

“Family Tree Magazine answers questions about genealogy – even the ones you were afraid to ask!”

Relatively Curious About Genealogy

“Lots of great links and resources here! Something for every genealogist.”

Scrap Your Roots

“Welcome to my blog. Scrap Your Roots is all about preserving our family history for future generations to enjoy. I hope by visiting this blog you will be inspired to preserve your own family history for your family to enjoy!

I have been scrapbooking and researching my family history for over 10 years. I have been married for 23 years to the most wonderful and supportive husband, Roy and I have 2 amazing sons – David, 20 and Mark, 15. I love to organize and can’t resist a trendy new organizing product. I’m also happily addicted to coffee and chocolate!”

The Shy Genealogist

“Welcome to my blog. I’ve been doing genealogy research for years, and now I feel a strong desire to begin writing the story of my family. I’d like to make this blog a place to document my research steps as well as a place for my scattered ideas for family stories to be collected and to germinate. To me, the hardest part of writing has always been to begin. This is my beginning…”

Treasure Maps Genealogy

“Robert Ragan has been actively involved with computers and genealogy since the 1980s and is a former director of a Family History Center. He also was also an adjunct computer skills teacher, as well as a genealogy and search engine research course developer in Florida Community College in Jacksonville, FL. Robert specializes in teaching Internet genealogy and family history research methods in “plain English” and has written several step-by-step guides, tutorials, and home-study courses on Internet genealogy research.”

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