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WDYTYA Season 2 Conference Call with Rosie O’Donnell

Who Do You Think You Are?

UPDATE: NBC has stated that the Rosie O’Donnell episode will air on February 18 (which is a Friday) and not February 28 as stated on today’s conference call.

This morning I was privileged to participate in another conference call for the media covering NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are?. Today’s call was with Rosie O’Donnell who is scheduled to appear in an upcoming episode of WDYTYA on Monday, February 28, 2011.

Who Do You Think You Are? Moving to Mondays?

Wait! MONDAY? Who Do You Think You Are? is moving to Mondays? So the WDYTYA website was not wrong early this morning when it listed “Mondays 8/7c.” But now they’ve changed it back to Fridays 8/7c.  Something’s up, no?

A Chat with Rosie

Actually I didn’t get to chat with Rosie during the call – not sure why but I was trying to get in the queue for questions to no avail.  I did, however, hear colleagues Lisa Louise Cooke of Genealogy Gems Podcast and Jamie Royce of Family Tree Magazine ask some great questions!

Here is what I can report from today’s call:

  • The episode of WDYTYA will focus on Rosie’s maternal line. Her mother passed away from cancer at an early age in 1973 and Rosie stated that after her death the family behaved as if her mother almost never existed.
  • Rosie said she had no regrets about this journey into her family history (which she took with her older brother Ed) despite what she learned. She said that learning about all the hardships her ancestors had to endure allowed her to put her own issues and problems into perspective.
  • She hopes that viewers will want to go and explore their own genealogy. (YES!  This is what we like to hear!)

Again, this was a fun experience and also a chance to see what other media reporters thought of the Who Do You Think You Are? series.  Stay tuned – as they say in television land – for more information about Season 2 of Who Do You Think You Are?

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