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Google Reader – Using a Blog’s Subscribe Link

[Note: this is the third in a series of posts about how to use Google Reader to susbcribe to and follow various genealogy blogs. I’ll be using my personal settings used for close to 600 genealogy blogs followed by GeneaBloggers as examples.]

Using The Subscribe Link On A Blog

Instead of searching for blogs using Google Blog Search or Google Reader, use the subscription icon located on most every blog.  In almost all cases, the icon will appear in bright orange similar to the

  • Click the Subscribe icon (it may say Subscribe to this feed, Subscribe via RSS or simply RSS Feed).blog_user_08
  • A subscription screen appears (it may be different than the image below but the subscription options should be the same). Since you use Google Reader, click the Google button. Note: there is also a subscribe by email option where blog posts are delivered to your email account each time they are published. blog_user_09
  • Google Reader appears. Click the Subscribe button to subscribe to the blog. Recent blog posts will appear in your Google Reader as they are published.blog_user_10

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