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Do You Use the “3-2-1” Backup Plan for Genealogy Data?

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Do You Use the “3-2-1” Backup Plan for Genealogy Data?

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I am just finishing up my Fall 2016 speaking tour with visits to Seattle, Memphis, Detroit and more. Coming up in two weeks is the Salt Lake Christmas Tour where I will be interacting with close to 100 genealogists. Guess what the most talked-about topic will be? Backing up and preserving all your genealogy research!

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Every week I receive an email from a frustrated genealogist who never took the time to put together a comprehensive backup plan and then POOF! . . . the hard drive on their computer failed or they accidentally deleted a genealogy database file. There’s nothing worse than trying to recover missing data, especially when it can be scanned family photos and genealogy research data.

Are You Gathering and Backing Up Everything?

If I were to ask you about your current process of gathering data for backup, would it include these items?

  • Emails from family members and other researchers, some with clues, some with family stories.
  • Photos on your iPhone of last year’s family reunion.
  • Digital recordings of interviews with older relatives, waiting to be transcribed.
  • Images of scanned documents not yet added to your genealogy database.
  • Bookmarks of websites used for your genealogy research.

The truth is, that most of us only backup items from our main home computer. We don’t think about laptops, tablets and smart devices like our iPhones. Maybe we figure the data will always be there. Maybe we feel confident because we’ve copied the data to “the Cloud.” Don’t be fooled . . .

So, What Is a Wireless Hard Drive?

Many of us have purchased external hard drives to backup data. Most of them connect to the computer via USB and sit near the computer.

With a wireless hard drive, there is no such connection – it works with your current home wireless network. This means you can not only back up your computer, but any device that can connect to wireless including tablets, mobile devices and more. Now you can have all your backups in one place!

The Cloud Is Not Enough – Use the 3-2-1 Backup Plan

Me, the “tech guy” got burned by the Cloud back in 2015. It was my own fault and I accepted full responsibility for just being plain lazy. While I’ve been using Dropbox, a cloud-based storage program, since its inception, I turned off the syncing feature on my desktop because of “the need for speed” when it came to working. Each day I kept telling myself that I would turn it back on and go watch television or do something while the program caught up and copied my local data up to the Cloud.

And then the hard drive failed on my desktop computer. I lost two weeks’ worth of writing and research. Poof! Gone!

So now I use what I call the 3-2-1 Backup Plan and I stick to it religiously. I don’t get greedy for speed or lazy and put it off to tomorrow. Here’s how the plan works:

  • At least 3 different backups. One is not enough. For me, I use an online backup program from iDrive, a wireless hard drive from iDrive, and a 128GB flash drive.
  • Use 2 different media for backup. I chose three actually, but never have all your backups in the Cloud or on just flash drives.
  • At least 1 backup must be offsite, and away from the original source computer. For me, the iDrive Cloud qualifies as well as the flash drive since I store it in a fire safe away from my computer.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?  Well, I have a new device that makes it easier to not just gather ALL my data, even from mobile devices, but helps me fulfill the terms of the 3-2-1 plan . . .

iDrive – How Do iLove Thee? Let Me Count the Ways . . .

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