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UPDATE: Tulsa Genealogy Center Move

Tulsa City-County Library System Genealogy Center

[Editor’s Note: Here is an update to Monday’s story Call To Action: Stop the Tulsa Genealogy Center Move.]

On Tuesday afternoon I had a phone conversation with Gary Shaffer, CEO of the Tulsa City-County Library during which time we discussed not only the upcoming move of the Tulsa Genealogy Center, but also issues related to genealogy collections in general. Mr. Shaffer reassured me that the move of the collection had more positive aspects than negatives especially in the long term view.  Here is a statement from Mr. Shaffer that I’ve been permitted to publish here at GeneaBloggers:

We are pleased to announce that one of Tulsa’s most valuable and extensive resources for family history, the Tulsa City-County Library’s Genealogy Center will be moving into more spacious quarters, at the Hardesty Regional Library in early September. This change provides a much larger facility for an ever-expanding collection and also extended hours of operation (69 hours per week, up from 42) for greater access to information. The Genealogy Center will be more accessible for part time genealogist who must work during daytime hours, as the new location will be open until 9 p.m. most evenings. The Center will also feature Sunday hours. “It’s a common practice to locate genealogy centers within existing libraries for obvious reasons — all customers enjoy greater access to more materials, information, events and activities,” stated Library CEO Gary Shaffer. He added, “We are confident this new location, with its greater number of open hours and larger space, will bring a whole new generation into the genealogist fold.” The Genealogy Center houses exclusive collections such as the Final Rolls of the Five Civilized Tribes, Roster of Confederate and Union Soldiers, the DAR Lineage Book and much more. The Hardesty Regional Library is located at 8316 E 93rd St., Tulsa, OK. The Genealogy Center will be located on the second floor, in its own special section. An adjacent computer lab will be used to host technology-centric genealogy classes. For more information on Hardesty Library location and hours, visit

As I said in Monday’s post, I haven’t visited the Tulsa Genealogy Center, but I do have an interest in the accessibility to genealogy collections both on the local and national level. I’d love to see input from those who frequently use the collection at the Tulsa Genealogy Center and also hope they’ll keep us updated as to the move.

On a final note, I urge all genealogists and family historians to get involved with their local library systems, especially when there are genealogy collections involved. These collections don’t manage themselves – they require devoted stewardship through a partnership between the libraries and archives managing the collections and the patrons using the materials.

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One thought on “UPDATE: Tulsa Genealogy Center Move

  1. Mr.Shaffer’s statement sounds very proper and positive.
    My concern, and many other patrons and contributors, is the lack of security for the many items that cannot be replaced.
    The present genealogy library personnel will be expected to oversee the entire library including the genelogy section.
    Mr. Shaffer cannot deny the fact there is really no security for the genealogy material.

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