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Update on Search – Input Needed


[Editor’s Note: We just received the following information from and want to pass it on to our readers.  Please take this opportunity to let know about the features in Old Search that you use most, if you are a current user of Old Search.]

In an effort to continually improve your experience on, we are asking for feedback on our search function. Our plan is first to gather feedback from our core users. We will take all of that feedback into account when we are merging the functionality of Old Search and current search into a consolidated search experience.

You can take the survey here:

Many of the recent concerns and comments have cited functionality that actually exists in current search, as well as in old search – specifically:

1. Our current search experience allows users to view search results as a list of ranked records or as a consolidated list of categories.
2. Our current search experience allows users to do “Exact Match” searches.
3. Our current search experience allows users to specify a “Collection Priority” to filter results by country.

Crista Cowan has a great educational video which demonstrates this functionality in the current search experience:

We also have a helpful article which does a side-by-side explanation of how to achieve the same types of results with the current search as in Old Search:

Thank you,
The Product Team