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TweepML – Genealogy Companies and People on Twitter


If you are a user of Twitter as well as interested in genealogy and family history, you may know that GeneaBloggers maintains a list of Genealogy Companies and People on Twitter over at gene@pedia.

I just did a major update of that list and please, if I missed you or your company accept my apologies and send me an email so I can add you!  It was rather time consuming and I keep looking for better ways to generate these types of lists.  Well thanks to a new web-based application called TweepML anyone can create lists of Twitter users and then allow others to follow everyone in that list.


Billing itself as “an easy way to create, manage, share and find lists of interesting Twitter users to follow,” TweepML is free and easy-to-use.  In fact, TweepML will let you enter the URL of a website which lists the Twitter IDs and it will extract the IDs and build the list for you!  In fact, that’s how I built these lists:

In addition to producing links, TweepML also provides some neat icons, buttons and badges to trick out your blog or website.  Later today I’ll add them here at GeneaBloggers.

So far my only complaint has been the limitation of 100 tweeps per list.  This is why I’ve had to create two different genealogy people lists: one for those with last names A through L and the other for M through Z.

Other Genealogy-Related TweepML Lists

Check out TweepML if you are a dedicated Twitter user and think about creating lists of tweeps for yourself.  Some ideas:

  • lists for ethnic genealogy such as African-American genealogy or Polish genealogy
  • lists for genealogy libraries and archives
  • lists for genealogists from a specific geographic region such as England or Massachusetts

I would love to set these up but right now it would take quite a bit of research to assign genealogy tweeps to each list.  If someone is willing to create any genealogy-related lists at TweepML, I will gladly feature them here at GeneaBloggers!

Share Groups of Twitter Users in One Click with TweepML (via Mashable)

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