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Today Is Data Backup Day

Today is the first of the month and a good time to backup not only your genealogy blog but all of your computer data especially your genealogy research.  One of the question’s during this past weekend’s Son of Blogger summit at the Southern California Genealogical Society‘s annual Jamboree was:  ” Can my blog disappear?”

You could literally hear the geneabloggers in the crowd pause to ponder upon that thought and then mull over in their mind what they’ve done to backup their blogs.

Take a minute and think about all the work you’ve done on your blog, your research and more just in the past month.  Have you considered what would happen if you lost some or all of this data?

Each month it becomes easier and easier for us to backup our data.  I remember when I started blogging in late 2006, Blogger didn’t even have a backup mechanism – many of us found a way to create temporary WordPress blogs, keep them private, and import our Blogger posts as a way of creating a backup.

Things are so much easier now: Blogger not only has a backup mechanism but also allows you to export your template as well as your posts.  WordPress also has great backup features.  There are many free online backup sites that allow you to store gigabytes of data and some even synch from your computer automatically!  And the price of external hard drives drops each week – a 1 TB (that’s terabyte as in 1,000 gigabytes!) external drive which fits in the palm of your hand can be had for a little over $100!

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  1. This is phenomenal Thomas! I have NOT addressed or even thought about this issue! I know what I’ll be doing tonight. Thanks for the valuable info!

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