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TLC International Looking For Family Members Separated at Birth for New Television Show

Were you separated at birth? Are you searching for your birth family? Be a part of a new production by TLC International . . . Separated at Birth

[Editor’s Note: We had a great Skype conversation with the folks at TLC International in London earlier today! They filled us in on this exciting new production and they are looking for stories from those in the United States, Canada as well as the UK!]

CTVC Productions are making a brand new television series for TLC. We are looking for family members who have been separated at birth to be involved.

CTVC is a multi award-winning company producing television, radio and new media content on social issues, current affairs, religion, ethics, history and education. You can see examples of our work at:

The series comprises seven episodes, which will be filmed between August to December this year and broadcast in Spring 2016. Each episode will follow three to four different stories of separation and reunion. Some will be retrospective, whilst others will be reunions happening for the first time.

The tone of the series is uplifting and sympathetic to the experiences of those whose stories we follow; we realise that we are addressing sensitive and extremely personal issues and as such we are committed to telling peoples’ stories in the most respectful manner. The observational format allows participants to author their own story, as opposed to being presenter-led or a chat show format. We don’t take on the search ourselves, but we can assist with expenses, such as travel costs as an example.

If you would like to find out more, please do get in touch. You are not obliged to get involved by contacting us, it’s just an opportunity for us to give you some more information about the documentary.

Feel free to contact us either by email or phone: / (0044) 207 940 8494.

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