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This Week’s New Geneablogs

[Note: this feature has been running for several weeks over at Facebook Bootcamp for Geneabloggers.  Since the topic is non-technical in nature (and the focus of the bootcamp blog is geneablogging and technology), the new geneablogs will appear here each Saturday]

Again this week, I’ve added several new genealogy and family history blogs upon which I’ve stumbled or which have been sent to me from other geneabloggers.

Al’s Polish-American Genealogy Research:  “This blog contains any details that I come across during my family genealogy research. This blog may be helpful to others who are researching their Polish heritage. This is a place to post any of my findings, noting that my research could potentially change.”

Basics of Genealogy Reference: “A companion website to the book Basics of Genealogy Reference by Jack Simpson, published by Libraries Unlimited in 2008.”

Begin With ‘Craft’:  “Blogging my adventures in genealogy.”

Bits and Pieces: “A LOOK AT OUR FAMILIES PAST HERITAGE AND SHARE OUR PRESENT JOYS– LARRABEE/FREITAS AND WRENN/BARNES FAMILIES.  I’m starting this blog with the hopes to share what I find of our families genealogy, some of our travels and a lot of our fun times with the kids. I’ve always loved history and am now addicted to Genealogy, so here we go!”

Blanton Family Roots and Branches: “I have been researching my family for 15 years. My main family lines are Blanton, Prestridge, Saunders, McAnear and Scarborough.”

Delia’s Genealogy Blog:  “I have been following fellow genealogists blogs for quite some time now. I have learned a lot about the community and have found that we all have the same joys, frustrations and learning curves. My purpose is to share my data and post pictures and general thoughts about researching . . . Another thing that I am so happy about is that my family history exists in the very early years in America, with many in the New England States. I have a wide assortment of different walks of life; Quakers, Puritans, Pennsylvania Dutch, Dutch Reformed, Palatines, and Huguenots. These folks all seemed to reside in the same states which makes it easier to research.  I have made excellent progress and continue to gather the original records. My major goal is to document each fact and to enter that data into my program. I do have brick walls and continue to dig. I would like to publish my findings some day.”

Detour Through History:  “History is constantly in the making; the task of the chronicler, confronted with the ever increasing bulk of material, becomes one of abbreviation and elimination. How few names, how few periods, how few events, go to make up what the world ultimately sees fit to keep at the finger-tips of memory. (MI Pioneer and Historical Collections, 1907). An effort to catch bits & pieces of history slipping from the “finger-tips of memory.”

Genealogy Addiction:  “Genealogy: especially that of my own family (including proving/disproving the various family myths: am I really 1/16th Native American [nope], am I really descended from Henry VIII [possibly, but so are probably thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of other people, legitimately or otherwise], am I really descended from John Adams [probably not, at least not on my “Adams” line], am I very Irish [not so far… Welsh, yes, but no Irish found yet], etc.) but also the genealogy of other families.”

Genealogy by Ginger’s Blog:  “Researching two primary lines – BROOKS and GODWIN – from North Carolina. The Godwin line is from Sampson and Randolph Counties, NC and the BROOKS line is from Caswell Co., NC. Allied families for the BROOKS line includes KERR, WILLIAMS, GRAVES, & LEA; Allied lines for the GODWIN family include LATHAM, PULLEY, HARRELL, and RASCO.”

Genealogy Simple and Fun: “I have been in the Genealogy field for over 10 years now. Here are Articles to help you in your research, News information plus Items to make your Genealogy Adventure Fun! Check back often for up-dates!”

Genealogy Tip of the Day:   “Genealogy tips by genealogist Michael John Neill.  I am a genealogist living in Illinois–I have researched my family for over 25 years. I also give lectures and seminars on a variety of genealogy related topics. I grew up in west-central Illinois on a grain and livestock farm. I have a master’s degree in mathematics and am on the faculty of Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg, Illinois. I write a weekly column for Dick Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter at”

GenealogyBlog:  “Family History News and then some.  Leland likes to blog, and has blogged the genealogy community news since 2004. In August of 2008, something happened to GenealogyBlog… It just went away. Leland wasn’t the administrator, and the administrator won’t say what happened. So In January of 2009, Leland started over. Enjoy…”

Generations Gone By’s Weblog:  “Welcome to my genealogy website. I don’t know how often I will be able to post, but I encourage you to add posts if you see your ancestors here. Please keep your posts clean. This is a family friendly site.”

Ginisology:  “My place to honor our ancestors, memories, history and our lives. Family lines i am researching: Ijames/Eimes, Tabeling, Haf, Saule, Jarboe, Webb, Ewing.  I am a 1 year new to Genealogy person and addicted! I have much to learn and looking forward to it. I work full time. Looking forward to retirement to pursue my Genealogy full time, I cannot wait!”

Jake Fletcher’s Genealogy Project:  “My name is Jake Fletcher and I am a senior at the Francis W. Parker Charter School. My blog is dedicated to my year long senior project based around the research of my family history. I am using blog to help document my process, share my family history work, and hopefully make connections with other genealogists and with people interested in starting their family history.”

JimmyZ:  [Note: Jimmy’s blog is a great mix of technology, marketing and genealogy articles!]

My Big Fat Cajun/Irish/Scottish/English/German/French /Southern Family Blog:  “Welcome to my blog. Its long title is derived from the (private) online family tree I similarly dubbed in a lighthearted spirit. I hope to use this family history & genealogy chronicle in the same lighthearted, yet thoughtful, manner to explore my rich Louisiana (and beyond) heritage, preserve family stories, and share my ongoing research with family members and other readers. I hope you enjoy the journey.”

Raburn Family Odyssey:  “Here is the story of the Raeburn’s as I have learned and researched through the years. My goal here is to reach out to others in the hunt for our ancestors, and hoping that someone may be able to add family information to the quest.”

They That Go Down To The Sea:  “This is a genealogy blog.  I am a bit of an amateur at this–very, very new to the game.  I am feeling my way, and learning on the fly.  Here are my stories, my frustrations, my triumphs, my odd moments of discovery.  I admit I am writing this mostly for myself, to have a record of my progress in the study of my own history.  You can join me if you like…company on a journey is always welcome.”

View From The Bluffs:  “A Dubuquer’s Diary – I was born in historic Dubuque, Iowa to a large, close-knit family, which included 46 first cousins. I was the oldest of five daughters. My ancestors from Luxembourg, Germany, and Austria were in Dubuque nearly one hundred years before me. I attended the private girls’ academy that my grandmothers, great-aunts, aunts, cousins, and sisters attended and am still friends with grade school classmates.”

What’s New At Access Genealogy: “A blog of updates to Access Genealogy – A Free Genealogy Resource.”

Who Will Tell Their Story?: “I’ve always been fascinated by old photos.  And ever since I got more serious about my genealogy, old photos have become a serious passion.  Over the last year my collection has grown tremendously, as I’ve salvaged photos from antique stores, garage/estate sales, and eBay.   This blog has been created to share those finds and who knows, maybe reunite them with their rightful families.  Each week I will feature at least one photo, providing any information that is available.  If you feel a photo is someone in your family, or if you have orphan photos you would like me to post, please contact me (see the About Me tab for contact information. ”

Winging It:   “The research journal of the Wing One Place Study (and other genealogical ramblings).”    [Note:  Alex from New Zealand has been running this great blog since November 2006 – and why didn’t I know about it?  And stayed tuned for a post about “one place studies” and look for a Terminology entry over at gene@pedia!]

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  1. It is fantastic that we’re getting so many new genealogy blogs weekly. This is awesome. It shows that family history research, interest, and love are really sweeping the world. This sharing is a wonderful development toward all of us getting to know our ancestors. (That sounded like a dumb thing to say–hope you all know what I meant).

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