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This Week’s New Geneablogs

And they just keep poppin’ up folks!  Of course you know I am talking about geneablogs, right?

I hope I’ve captured all the new blogs that were sent my way this past week.  I did do some housekeeping (switching the feeds for the Geneabloggers list to different gmail account) so I may have forgotten a few blogs that are new.

Black Nashville Genealogy & History:  “I live in Nashville, TN and will use this site as a way to post information that I find and collect regarding blacks associated with the city. Most of the content is likely to come from the Nashville Globe, a black newspaper that was published here in Nashville in the first half of the 1900s. I will also include materials from other newspapers as appropriate and various books and items that I may come across. “

Grey County Historical Society Blog:  “The objectives of the Society are to discover, preserve and disseminate the history of the County of Grey, to record contemporary life and times, and to promote Grey County Museum and Archives.”

Hispanic Genealogy:  “I  graduated from BYU in Family History and Genealogy in 2004. My areas of expertise include Spain and Latin American. Currently I work for FamilySearch as a Record Specialist. I hope you enjoy the blog!”

Logan County Genealogy:  “The Genealogy Guys suggested blogging research information. I’m willing to give it a try although I should point out that I was not good at keeping a diary or a journal.”

Miss Peggy 55: “I have finally decided to enter the world of blogging, aftr a quick mini-lesson from Ronald Ragan. I enjoy his simple “how-to’s” that help us that are struggling in this fast-moving technology world. I am an Accredited Genealogist, and am pleased with the effort I had to put forth to make this happen. I thought I was a good genealogist before, but going through the accreditation process helped me realize that I needed to polish my research skills. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done – but also one of the best things I have ever done. “

Munselle Family History:  “Most members of the Munselle family now residing in Texas can trace their ancestry back to LORENZO DOW MUNSELLE, born January 1, 1828 in Licking County, Ohio. Lorenzo came toTexas about 1889 from Mt. Vernon in Jefferson County, Illinois.”

Please Don’t Eat Sushi, Love Mom:  “Ah…my mother. Ever since I moved from Florida to California for college, I’ve been receiving letters from her about two times per week. Some I tore up. But most of them, I kept in a large container I hid in the corner of my garage. Now, I am claiming my place as the official curator for this still-growing, ever-evolving collection of her advice, warnings, fears and curious discoveries.”

The R.I.P.Pers:   “It is my hope that you will find this blog a little bit educational, a little bit funny, a little bit bitter, and a little bit sweet.”

The Slovak Yankee: This is a renaming of Martin Hollick’s former blog, homodox, in which he says, “Genealogical posts will now be at my new blog Slovak Yankee.  From henceforth, this is the place for politics, religion, and news.  All the things your grandmother told you wasn’t polite to discuss in public.”

Titus Family:  “My motivation for research into the Titus family stemmed initially from the fact that my mother, Vera (nee Titus), was part of the lineage. However, once I became more involved in the research, and the various historical, political and social elements began to unfold over the 350-plus years of living history covered in my search, I became more and more fascinated, more and more involved with the numerous and varied cast of characters.”

Video Biography Central:  “Jane Lehmann-Shafron founded Your Story Here LLC, a documentary production company that specializes in video biography. Based in Orange County CA, her films have been featured in festivals in the United States and Canada.”