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This Week’s New Geneablogs

Wow – that’s all I can say sometimes when I see how many new geneablogs are being started each day!  And I want to give a shout out to Becky Jamison who runs the wonderful Grace and Glory blog.  Becky has been a great cheerleader for the Geneabloggers group and I can always count on her to find some interesting blogs about genealogy that have flown under my radar.

Many of the blogs listed below are new and were only launched this week or since the beginning of the year.  This is how you can help welcome them into the fold and drive some traffic to their sites:

  • leave a welcome comment on their blog
  • if they are using Blogger as a platform, use the Follow This Blog feature; and if they don’t have the Follow feature installed, drop them an email and refer them to the Give The Gift of Following post over at Facebook Bootcamp for Geneabloggers
  • see if they have their blog at Networked Blogs on Facebook and use the Follow feature; also make sure you rate their blog and confirm them as the author if needed

Here are this week’s finds:

AncestorTracking:  “These ramblings chronicle my search through the Web for evidence of my ancestors. I would like to connect with others on a similar journey to share ideas and experiences.  Surnames: DeHority (and variants), Huffman, Moore, Mauzy, Bobbitt, Douglas/Dobrovalskas, Wychulis, Beaulieu, Landry, Ducharme.”

A Tale of Two Ancestors:  “I have been seriously researching my family history for about six months now.  A few years ago I had done a very cursory search, but then decided I was doing more than enough research in college to find time for this as well.  Ever since elementary school I have had a tremendous interest in history and I really enjoy learning about the places and history of the places my family is from, as well as searching for them.  In the future I hope to also combine my love of travel with my genealogy search. As I continue my search for my ancestors, I plan to use this blog to share my discoveries, thoughts and brick walls.  I hope you enjoy joining me on this journey:-)”

Carrow and Faunt Family Tales:  “Fairly recently retired to Northeast North Carolina after spending my whole life in Southern New Jersey in a small town on the banks of the Delaware River. My family of origin did not seem to be great travelers.When they emigrated to America ( some early and some later in history) they clung like burrs to the Delaware River Valley or as far away as Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern Shore.”

Genealogy Bug:  “Climbing Your Family Tree Can Be Fun!  My husband and I both retired in 2005 and we have made several genealogy related trips and have attended several genealogical conferences. Oh, and by the way, I LOVE going to cemeteries now!!! I even volunteer to take photos for Find A Grave! Who woulda thought…..” [Note: Kate Keller who runs this blog is Becky Jamison’s cousin.  Does Becky have a blogging gene among her family’s DNA?]

Jay’s Genealogy Blog:  “I began this blog to communicate some of the genealogy and family history information that I have gathered since beginning the quest to learn more about my ancestors. Initially it will present material about the Holladay family of Adair County, Kentucky – descendants of Zacharias Holladay (1761-1846) – and related families: Anderson, Creel, Montgomery, Reynolds, and Waggener. These are my father’s family lines; later I will add information about my mother’s ancestry.”

Midwestern Microhistory: A Genealogy Blog:  “Recovering journalist striving to be a more professional genealogist.”

Tricks of the Tree:  “The goal of this blog is to share my experience — and future experiences — in family history research.  I hope to bring you tips and techniques, new resources, and case studies from my own research, and occasionally other topics.  I have been conducting research on my own family since I was 9 years old, and have been conducting research for others for the last several years.  I have written several articles for Family Chronicle magazine, and am the creator of the Family History Research Toolkit CD-ROM, published by Genealogical Publishing Co.”

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  1. This is such a great service that you provide for us, Thomas. Thanks so much! And you might be right–blogging might be a gene thing! Something we HAVE to do–like GENEalogy. Love it!

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