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The Generations Project – Season 2 Premiere Delayed

The Generations Project

We just received news from The Generations Project that Season 2 will not premiere in January 2011 as planned, but later in the Spring with an exact airing date yet to be announced. You might remember that we interviewed Zach Kempf, a story producer for The Generations Project, right here at GeneaBloggers last week and the January 2011 premiere was discussed along with production details of the show.

As disappointing as this may be, BYU TV ( will be airing a “sneak peek” of Season 2 on January 3, 2010 at 7:00pm MST. Watch the emotional journey as a young couple sets out to find the anonymous bone marrow donor who saved their twins’ lives and test the relationship between genetic and genealogical ancestry.

Note: The episode will only air on the channel and will not be put on The Genealogy Project website. For those who do not have the channel but would like to see the sneak peek, they can stream  the channel live by going to .

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