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Ten People All Genealogists Should Follow On Twitter

Twitip has a great idea: put together a list of the top ten people to follow on Twitter.  So here is my recommendation called Ten People All Genealogists Should Follow On Twitter

1.  @megansmolenyak Megan Smolenyak – of Roots Television and Ancestry fame.  Megan has spot on info about the genealogy world!

2. @footnotemaven footnoteMaven – not only for info on how to correctly cite your sources, but for the wonderful world of old photos – especially girls with glasses

3.  @dickeastman Dick Eastman – he of Dick Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter with lots of great news about genealogy

4.  @rjseaver Randy Seaver – a geneablogger extraordinaire! You must read his latest blog posts on DNA genealogy

5. @LorineMS Lorine Schulz – she runs the Olive Tree Genealogy sites and is a wealth of information – she has helped me tremendously with my Dutch ancestry

6.  @marktucker Mark Tucker – software architect by day and a family historian by night and weekend 

7. @illyadaddezio Illya D’Addezio – non-stop genealogist, founder of Genealogy Today and Live Roots

8. @moultriecreek Denise Olson – family historian, genea-blogger and fascinated with online research tech

9. @kidmiff Miriam Robbins Midkiff – Miriam runs the award-winning AnceStories: Stories of My Ancestors blog and also hosts Scanfest each month!

10. @tracingthetribe Schelly Talalay Dardashti – genealogy journalist who has the scoop on Jewish genealogy and authors the Tracing The Tribe blog

I’m just sorry I had to pick only ten!  If you want to see other genealogy and family historian enthusiasts on Twitter check out this listing over at gene@pedia.

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25 thoughts on “Ten People All Genealogists Should Follow On Twitter

  1. Thomas:

    GeneaHugs and Kisses for the shout out. I am a real twitter fan and a longtime fan of yours.

    What you do for the Geneablogging community is amazing!


  2. Thomas, thank you so much for putting me on your list of Top 10. Wow, I’m flattered to be in such great company. I have one complaint though about your list – you forgot to put your own name on it! Your energy is amazing and all your blogging is terrific.


  3. Missing from another list. See what happens when you get writer’s block and are absent a bit? LOL. No worries. I truly still do not see the point of Twitter, though I am trying!

  4. How could you miss @DearMyrtle? Fantastic information and a great blog, as well as lessons if one cares to sign up for them on a separate blog.

  5. I hope those that weren’t on the list of ten aren’t offended – there are so many great genealogy people to follow on Twitter – including @DearMytrle, @omchdodoy, @sleepygal_13 and @webduck!

    It would be great to see “the ten” lists of others who are on Twitter – I’m sure we could all find some new genealogy friends!

  6. Hey, Thomas. Thank you for the pointer to Tracing the Tribe! Without your creativity, few of us would be on Facebook or Twitter. There are so many good bloggers out there that all of us would be hard-pressed to come up with a “ten” list.

  7. I loved this, Thomas! Gave me the opportunity to find and connect with so many more creative genealogists!


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