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Ten Companies All Genealogists Should Follow On Twitter

In keeping with the post Ten People Genealogists Should Follow On Twitter, let’s move on to companies in the genealogy field. So here is my recommendation called Ten People All Genealogists Should Follow On Twitter.

1.  @ancestrydotcom – the Twitter account for mega-site Ancestry with tons of genealogy resources

2.  @rootstelevision Roots Television – Og is the official mascot of Follow him for lots of genealogy goodies!

3.  @familytreeman Family Tree Service – genealogy team who will research any ancestry in the UK, providing you with an invaluable and accurate insight into your family history.  Specilize in Yorkshire genealogy and also in Jewish genealogy.

4.  @TomKemp Genealogy Bank –  an online genealogical resource from NewsBank, inc. featuring a wealth of exclusive material-including modern obituaries and historical newspapers, books, pamphlets, military records, government documents and more.

5.  @FamilyTreeMag Family Tree Magazine – how-to genealogy magazine and online community

6.  @footnote footnote – “The place for original documents online.”

7.  @geni geni – “ – the best way to find and connect with your family!”

8.  @hikari17 GenLighten – Founder/CEO of Genlighten, a network of skilled local researchers who can help you find genealogical documents

9.  @taylorpm Arcalife – Memories fade & moments are forgotten. arcalife is a unique community where you can bring together your life experiences, events, stories, family tree, family history or genealogy research, all in one place.

10.  @obrienstore Obrien Store – Irish wit and wisdom, heritage and products, as well as some blarney at Obrien Store.

I’m just sorry I had to pick only ten! If you want to see other genealogy and family history related companies on Twitter check out this listing over at gene@pedia.

10 thoughts on “Ten Companies All Genealogists Should Follow On Twitter

  1. Thanks, Thomas, for the kind mention! We’re thrilled to have Genlighten make your list… and we’ll work hard in the coming months to earn the honor.

    –Dean Richardson

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