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Surname Saturday – A Twitter Meme

Building upon Craig Manson’s Names, Places & Most Wanted Faces meme over at Geneablogie, and in an effort to get more geneabloggers to use Twitter, I am starting a new meme called Surname Saturday.

First, you must be a Twitter user to participate.  If you need more information on how Twitter can help genealogists, read my recent article over at the Examiner.  And then download the Twitter Quick Reference card which will help walk you through account setup and explain various concepts.

Second, I have set up a new group over at Twitter Groups called Genealogy Surnames.  Using the #surname hashtag (a hashtag tells other Twitter users the subject of your message), it will allow people to join the group and understand how to advertise your surnames on Twitter.


Third, using the #surname hashtag allows you to go to Twitter Search and use it as a search criteria.


Finally, simply tweet about the surnames you are working on so other genealogists on Twitter can see them.  And who knows you may be able to break down that brick wall after all.  At the very least, you’ll get to meet some wonderful genealogists!


22 thoughts on “Surname Saturday – A Twitter Meme

  1. @geneabloggers Surname Saturday! Tweet your surnames with locations in parens() #surnames SARGENT,JUSTUS,MARSH (INDIANA)

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