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Splog Alert – The Genealogy Place

Stop Content Theft

[UPDATE: Just to clarify, according to the WHOIS information “appears” to be owned by a different person than the owner of which is thankfully now shut down and pointing to a default website place holder used by Host Gator. I find it highly suspicious however that both sites originate from Singapore, both have popped up recently, both are using the same banner graphic, and both are stealing content from the genealogy community.  Coincidence?  You decide.]

Well I’ve tried to play nice with Nirubama Manikantan, owner of The Genealogy Place at  But not only has Mr. Manikantan ignored my cease and desist emails (see below) but he continues to steal content – the latest is from my High-Definition genealogy blog and specifically this post.

Thanks to Google Alerts and the use of pingbacks on all my blogs, I realized my content was being stolen.  Here’s the story:

Offender: The Genealogy Place

The latest violator – a site called The Genealogy Place ( which is registered to a Nirubama Manikantan.  Here is the email I just sent to him last week:

Hello Mr. Manikantan

I am the owner of and via Google Alerts this morning I found that my recent blog posts have been used at the Tree Genealogy Info ( website which, according to the WHOIS record, is owned by you, Nirubama Manikantan:

Domain ID:D44166732-LRMS


Created On:19-Nov-2011 11:38:07 UTC

Last Updated On:18-Jan-2012 20:39:08 UTC

Expiration Date:19-Nov-2012 11:38:07 UTC

Sponsoring LLC (R171-LRMS)





Registrant ID:CR98476624

Registrant Name:Nirubama Manikantan

Registrant Organization:

Registrant Street1:Blk 796, #03-3370

Registrant Street2:Yishun Ring Road

Registrant Street3:

Registrant City:Singapore

Registrant State/Province:Singapore

Registrant Postal Code:760796

Registrant Country:SG

Registrant Phone:+62.571294

Registrant Phone Ext.:

Registrant FAX:

Registrant FAX Ext.:


The post in question is:

I am formally requesting that you immediately remove these posts from your site on the basis that they violate the copyright on my intellectual property. You have stolen my content without my permission. Your use of GeneaBloggers content does not fall within the Fair Use doctrine of US Copyright laws. In addition, you are using your own name as author on all of these articles giving the impression that this is your content.

Please remove all GeneaBloggers content immediately and no later than 5:00 pm Central Daylight Time, Friday, March 26 and email confirmation to me at once content is removed. You may also reimburse me at the rate of $500 per article if you choose. Either way, please let me know which option you choose.

If content is not removed by 5:00 pm Central Daylight Time, Friday, March 26, I will pursue all legal remedies including filing a DMCA complaint with Google and with your Internet service provider, Host Gator.

Finally, I am notifying many of my colleagues in the genealogy industry from whom you’ve also misappropriated content.  Since such theft on your site is so pervasive, I will most likely need to alert my community of over 2,500 genealogy bloggers via blog post at GeneaBloggers and have them check your site for their own content. GeneaBloggers has a long history of representing its members in the fight against splogs and content theft – please see for past occasions where we have successfully won each and every case of content theft.

Please email me if you have any questions.

(Note: Manikantan has registered as well as Members of GeneaBloggers are encouraged to use/copy the above text as the basis of a cease and desist notice to any sploggers caught using your content).

The Offense

The Genealogy Place is stealing content from genealogy bloggers.  It is copying entire posts and it not linking back to the original post.  In addition, the site appears to be making a profit from affiliate advertising, Google AdSense, links, etc.

What Can You Do?

Contact Nirubama Manikantan at using the WHOIS information listed above. Use a cease and desist notice and tell Manikantan that your original content is being used and your copyright violated.

Insist that he remove your content or you will contact The Genealogy Place’s web hosting company (Host Gator) and file a DMCA complaint. Click here to learn how to file a complaint with Host Gator (you must mail or fax the complaint letter).

Also file a DMCA complaint with the advertisers displayed at The Genealogy Place (here is a link to the Google AdSense DMCA complaint form).

I also recommend, if possible, that you post at the comments for each post using your content and link back to this post.  At the very least, they’ve been “called out” here at GeneaBloggers and this info will show up in Google search results.


All readers of GeneaBloggers know – as do our members – that it isn’t playing fair when you have to steal content from others who have worked so hard to document their genealogy journey.

Don’t forget our resource page on Blog Copyright and Content Theft!

GeneaBloggers will always fight the good fight against opportunists who want to ride the current wave of popularity surrounding family history and only take from our community without giving back.

© 2012, copyright Thomas MacEntee

7 thoughts on “Splog Alert – The Genealogy Place

  1. Maybe he fixed the situation before I read this. On the ‘tree’ site there are no articles, just ads. On the ‘genealogy’ site, he does link to the original posts. It looks like a really poorly-designed aggregation of posts for the sake of sticking AdSense on it, but no harm done.

  2. 1. You are correct that Tree Genealogy is down – a DMCA complaint was file with Host Gator.

    2. I disagree that no harm is done. The site owner is using my content and others to attract users to his site in the hopes of clicking on his ads. He is a leech and a parasite who wants to make money off the hard work of other bloggers.

  3. My blog content was definitely on the Genealogy Place website and I have sent a cease and desist notice but it is to a Wai Lam Chew not Nirubama Manikantan. Thomas’ blogs (as well as others) were still on the site when I did this comment so I don’t think the situation has been resolved yet.

  4. He’s probably trying to rank for the terms in his urls and site names. He can’t rank for the actual content because it’s already been published by the original bloggers.

    If he succeeds in ranking for the site name, (the only original thing about the site) all that does is boost the value of the backlinks to your sites so actually, in his stupidity, he’s doing you a favor.

    If he’s too lazy to write his own content, he’s probably too lazy to implement a backlinking strategy as well, so it’s not like his site is, or is ever going to be, worth anything. Is it really worth going through all this to keep him from making zero to nothing on AdSense? He’s not taking anything FROM you.

  5. Yes JL it is worth it and I am the one who makes the decision as to what my time is worth.

    I also make sure that genealogy bloggers – especially those new to the community – understand how to navigate having their content stolen and what to do about it.

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