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Splog Alert – and Stealing Content

Stop Content Theft

Once again Google Alerts save the day! One of the main reasons I use Google Alerts is to not only monitor and track the genealogy industry, but also to see who else might be using my content on my sites.

I discovered two new sites – Genealogy-News and EcoBizWatch – that are stealing content from genealogy bloggers.  Both are doing more than aggregating from RSS feeds – there is no author attribution nor are they linking back to the original post.  In addition, both sites are making a profit from affiliate advertising, links, etc.

What Can You Do?


  • Contact the site owner using this information via the WHOIS Registrar info:
    wilkes, mark
    5016 brower ct
    granite bay, California 95746
    United States
    (916) 759-4492


  • Contact the site owner using this information via the WHOIS Registrar info:
    Alamsyah, Wisnu
    Jl. Radio Dalam
    2 Jakarta Jakarta,12345
    Tel. +62.0811654789

For each of these websites, use a cease and desist notice and tell them that your original content is being used and your copyright violated.  Insist that they remove your content or you will contact their web hosting company and file a DMCA complaint as well as a DMCA complaint with the advertisers displayed at Genealogy-News.

I also recommend that you post at the comments for each post using your content and link back to this post.  At the very least, they’ve been “called out” here at GeneaBloggers and this info will show up in Google search results.


All readers of GeneaBloggers know – as do our members – that it isn’t playing fair when you have to steal content from others who have worked so hard to document their genealogy journey.

Don’t forget our resource page on Blog Copyright and Content Theft!

GeneaBloggers will always fight the good fight against opportunists who want to ride the current wave of popularity surrounding family history and only take from our community without giving back.

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

14 thoughts on “Splog Alert – and Stealing Content

  1. Bottom-feeders to be sure. But…

    Are they actually making money? First, they have to get traffic.G-News, for instance, has no page rank, and over 9 million Alexa ranking.

    Seems to me setting up those kind of sites is more trouble than they’re worth. There’s idiots everywhere.

  2. is, right this moment, gone. The entire website’s content has been removed. I get a directory listing that has nothing in it except a blank sitemap.xml and nothing else.

  3. Greg, I left them a nasty message saying that we were onto them and their days were numbered. Must have scared them to death.

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