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A Special Offer From MyHeritage and a Way to Support GeneaBloggers

My Heritage Offer from GeneaBloggers A Company

[Editor’s Note: From time to time I partner with genealogy vendors to bring members and readers of GeneaBloggers special offers that also help support GeneaBloggers financially.  Please read about my recent success on my Leehive line here and below.]

Secret: My New Way of Breaking Down Brick Walls

I have a confession to make: I’m always looking for new ways to progress with my own genealogy research. You’re probably saying, “Where does he find the time? Thomas is always posting new finds and ways to help genealogy researchers, I didn’t think he had time for his own research!”

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It can be a bit like “the cobbler’s children have the worst shoes” here with my own research, but I’m always on the lookout for ways to break down my brick walls. I don’t always migrate towards FAST and EASY – I want solutions that are truly helpful.

If you’ve been frustrated following shaky leaves or other tools used by various sites only to go on a wild goose chase, please take a closer look at MyHeritage and its Record Matches. I’m really happy that I took some time for a closer look and now I’m hooked. You know what it’s like to start searching on one of your lines and then next thing you know the clock says WHAT? I’m hoping you’ll have the same type of success that I’ve had on MyHeritage!

For me, brick walls are not smashed through all at once; rather, I look for an opening and then continue to chip away. Record Matches at MyHeritage recently brought up several items for my Leehive line in Ulster County, New York, many containing valuable maiden names of women who had married into the family. When doing this type of collateral research, you need every clue you can find, and I’m finding them on MyHeritage. I can’t wait to review the matches I got for my MacEntee and Leehive lines as well as my Hennebergs.

I’ve partnered with MyHeritage on a special deal where you can access the same tools I’ve been using to fill in the gaps on my own family tree. My favorite tool right now is Record Matches! I have almost 1,700 waiting for me (I know . . . I’m a busy guy) and some new ones are from resources included in MyHeritage like Newspaper Archive, Find A Grave and more. Could I go out and search manually for some of these records at those specific sites? Sure, but it would have taken me ages to do this manually. I love the way MyHeritage automatically finds the matches for me in high accuracy, sets up an easy dashboard to let me review the matches and then work with the source if it truly is a match. I know what I’ll be doing this Fourth of July weekend.

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Help Support GeneaBloggers

Please check out the latest offer here from MyHeritage and know that if you sign up and purchase the bundle, part of the proceeds go towards supporting and maintaining the site and the work I do.

GeneaBloggers readers can get full access to all of MyHeritage’s tools for only $119.39 if purchased before July 13, 2013. That’s a savings of more than $119!

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