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SpeakerWiki – a Marketing Resource for Genealogy Speakers


SpeakerWiki is a relatively new resource available to all types of public speakers including genealogy and family history speakers. SpeakerWiki allows you to set up a profile, add all your social media links, and also solicit reviews from your colleagues as well as those who have attended your presentations. And the best part: FREE!


Some of the features include:

  • The ability to add your category or area of expertise. I’m not sure I’m a big fan of the “ranking” they give to speakers who happen to be the “first” in a category.  Just because someone managed to get their profile on SpeakerWiki early doesn’t necessarily make them a good speaker. Realize I am saying this as someone who is ranked 1st in the genealogy and family history categories.
  • You can add your social media hooks and your book listings as well as videos.  Also, you build “karma” the more items you add and the more reviews you post of other speakers.
  • Also you can list your prices – again this is an area that I’m not certain I like.  In the FAQ section of SpeakerWiki, they state that those profiles listing a price or price range get 57% more inquiries than those that don’t.  “Genealogy speaker fees” is a topic, like web traffic on our genealogy blogs, that is not openly discussed.  I threw my rates up there just to see a) if I did get more inquiries and b) to see if others in the genealogy field would follow suit.
  • You can create a “lanyard” or badge to place in your blog or website to advertise your speaking reviews – this is a nice touch.
  • Finally, the best part to me is the ability to write reviews and leave feedback.  This isn’t just a schmooze fest – it really is a way to build credibility as a speaker.  I intend to leave feedback for those genealogy speakers with whom I’ve worked and whose lectures I’ve attended.


So far there are several genealogy and family history speakers on SpeakerWiki and I’m hoping to see more.  SpeakerWiki also would be a convenient way for genealogical societies to look for speakers in their vicinity and inquire about their availability.  In addition, those speakers who don’t want to maintain a website to market their presentations can use SpeakerWiki as a convenient platform for marketing.

Some improvements I’d like to see at SpeakerWiki:

  • The ability to add presentation listings or outlines of presentations. This way prospective clients who want to hire you could see the types of presentations you typically deliver. In addition, a way to list past speaking engagements and upcoming talks.
  • Removal of the “I got here first” ranking. I don’t think it really means much except to serve as bragging rights. If anything, ranking should be based on the quality of reviews (and not quantity).
  • The ability to build a “resume” which can then be printed out in PDF format.  Very often, especially with genealogical societies, we are dealing with a board that must approve an expenditure for speakers. It would be convenient to have a CV in print of a person’s speaking experience and reviews.

Take a closer look at SpeakerWiki, especially if you are a genealogy and family history speaker.

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  1. I set up a profile on SpeakerMix but cannot find the categories, Genealogy or Family History. How do I get to those them as the categories I need to be in?


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