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Shutting Down Facebook Group


Recently, Facebook has notified many owners of Groups on its site that they must migrate the group to the “new groups” format.  If not, the groups still using the “old groups” format will be archived and rendered inoperable (although their content would still be accessible and searchable).

I am not a big fan of the new Facebook group format. Specifically the fact that the admin of the group can add you whether you like or not and then you are bombarded with status updates etc.  Because of this I’m actually leaving all groups I am currently connected with at Facebook.

Most importantly, I’ve made the decision to NOT migrate to the new groups format and to SHUTDOWN the existing group.  I am asking everyone who follows GeneaBloggers on Facebook to simply go to our Facebook page at and click Like.  You’ll find the same group functionality including events, the Wall, discussions and more.

NOTE: GENEABLOGGERS ITSELF IS NOT SHUTTING DOWN! I know I can post this all over the Internets and say it until I am blue in the face but someone will either post at their blog or on Facebook that GeneaBloggers is shutting down.  Not true.  I am simply consolidating the GeneaBloggers presence on Facebook.  If you encounter any information about the move to a Facebook page that is incorrect, please post a link to this post and make sure others are informed.

And, as always, I appreciate your support.

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