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Setting Up a FeedBurner Feed


[Note: this is the second in a series of posts about how to work with a blog feed and encourage others to subscribe to blogs both using the RSS feed method and via email.]

Now that you have a better understanding of what it means to burn a feed, you should first review the settings on your blogging platform.

Getting Started With FeedBurner

  • Go to FeedBurner and create an account.  Note: FeedBurner is now owned by Google and you must have a Google account to proceed.
  • Burn a feed by entering your blog address in the Burn a feed right this instant field (towards the bottom) and clicking Next.  We’ll use the Bootcamp for GeneaBloggers blog as an example.

feedburner 01

  • You will be asked to identify the feed source.  In our case, we are choosing between the Atom and the RSS formats.  Select RSS 2.0 and click next.

feedburner 02

  • If all goes well and the feed can be readily identified, you will be asked to click Next which activates the feed.

feedburner 03

  • Click Next if you want to customize the FeedBurner Stats program or click Skip directly to feed management.  Click Skip and come back to the stats later.

feedburner 04

Your New Feed Address

Copy the entire feed address and paste it into a blank email or a blank document for later retrieval.  Our feed address is

Redirecting Your Feed On Blogger

Now you must adjust certain settings in Blogger in order to redirect the feed to FeedBurner.  Doing so also provides an icon for your users to click in order to subscribe to your feed.

  • On your Blogger dashboard, locate the blog and click Settings.  The Settings tab will display the various options.

feedburner 06

  • Click Site Feed.  In the Post Feed Redirect URL field, enter the full feed address displayed at FeedBurner.

feedburner 07

  • Click Save Settings.
  • Return to FeedBurner and click on My Feeds.  Your feed most likely cannot be accessed since FeedBurner is still receiving all the redirected content.  You may be asked to check back, up to 24 hours from now.

feedburner 08

Once you have burned your feed to FeedBurner, you’ll be able to add all types of subscription method gadgets to your blog’s sidebar and you can track your statistics on site visits, subscriptions, etc. at the FeedBurner site.

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  1. Thank you so much for the great advice. I used these step by step instructions to help set up my blog. I greatly appreciate the time you put into this and the easy-to-understand language you used.

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