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Seeking Potential Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner Bloggers

Okay, here’s the deal.  I’m working with the folks at Couragent, Inc., maker of the (in my opinion) AMAZING Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner, to create a contest that will benefit both the participating genealogy bloggers and their readers.

What’s in it for the genealogy blogger? A free Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner evaluation unit.

What’s in it for the reader? A chance to win their own Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner.

What’s the catch? Read on . . .

  • The genealogy blogger must commit to using the Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner to create gifts for family and friends related to family history. These could include anything from a handmade, crafty type item (a holiday ornament, a quilt block), a ready-made item using a site like Cafe Press or Zazzle (calendars, mugs, sweatshirts),  a book, a digital picture frame or even a publication for a genealogy society (like a heritage cookbook!).
  • Ideally, the blogger would either have 3 or 4 different projects and a blog post about each or a big project with a series of posts on the evolution of the project.
  • And the blogger should have several social media channels already part of their web presence including Facebook and Twitter.  We want to make sure that all your followers know about the project you are working on.
  • There is room for between 4 and 6 bloggers to participate.  The postings will take place between November 4, 2011 and November 25, 2011.  We’re looking for bloggers who are committed to the entire posting series and talking about the Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner.

Leave a comment here at this post or email me at  I’ll be collecting names also on Facebook and Twitter.  Stay tuned!


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Disclosure:  Please see Disclosure Statements for more information on my material connection with genealogy vendors and organizations.

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24 thoughts on “Seeking Potential Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner Bloggers

  1. this would really come in handy for making gifts for people in my family. I am a very crafty person and have always wanted to make a quilt for my father of his ancestors and I have enough pictures to do it. Could also do one of his horses, family and friends. Lots can be done with this. Also could make quilts for raffles, pot holders to sell and give away as gifts.

  2. I’m definitely down for this. November is the perfect time for me because school will be slowing down (midterms are done but finals aren’t until September… so it is a good time to devote to projects).

    Plus, I was planning on creating 2 photo books to share with my family. One would be pictures of my mom where people can write memories related to the pictures and they could order a copy if they wanted. The other book was going to be about my maternal Doerflinger & Harney lines that I was hoping to share at my family’s annual “Miss Universe Christmas Party” (we’re weird… don’t ask). I have so many unidentified (or not positively identified) pictures that I am hoping my family will be able to identify and give me more information about.

    But you probably have plenty of people who have volunteered… so if I don’t get it, that is cool too. I look forward to reading the posts of the selected bloggers.

  3. As a genealogy librarian there are all sort of books that we receive that need mending or copying that are above our means for lack of funds. A flip pal would allow us to scan a book or two of original materials to make them available for our customers. A library’s gift is making information available; a librarian’s gift is helping people find the information and create knowledge from it.

  4. Darn it! I literally got mine in the mail TODAY. I would love to blog about my experiences! I can’t believe how amazing this little gadget is. I just scanned 80 photos and imported them into my computer in less than 30 minutes.

  5. Darn it! I literally just got mine in the mail TODAY! I would love to blog about my experience. Great little gadget. I just scanned 80 photos and imported them into my computer in less than 30 minutes. If you have boxes of photos to scan, this is the scanner for you!

  6. Howdy – I’d be up for that project!

    Besides being in the middle of eleventy-hundred family photos, I’ve also just borrowed a collection of my grandmother’s Czech letters and books plus my parent’s high school yearbooks to begin cataloging and converting. (Some of which are fairly fragile.)
    I’ve also been hoping to visit my wife’s aunt and see if there were any photos I could scan for their side of the family…

    The photos I’ve scanned so far in the first project can be found here…

  7. I just started going down the “Paperless Genealogy” road within the last few weeks and I knew when I started that the Flip-Pal was going to be a must have, AND I already have a couple of family and Gen. Soc. projects that I have started with my traditional scanner I would love to be able to compare working with the flip-pal scanner with. Sign me up, for sure!

  8. I would definitely like to be a Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner blogger! I already create heritage type gifts and would like to use the Flip-pal to create more.

    I also have a collection of my great grandmother’s postcards/correspondence from her teen years that I have plans to turn into a book. I have several other book projects in mind using the many ancestral photographs I have collected.

    So, please consider me as a Flip-Pal blogger! Thanks!

  9. I’m working on my parent’s old scrapbook. The pages are falling out but some of the photos and ephemera are glued down so tight that the ONLY way to digitize them would be with a Flip Pal. I want to use the digital images to create new scrapbooks for my family, Voila! Scrapbook preserved, everyone gets a copy!

  10. I would love to be a part of this. I have several family history related Christmas gifts that I am already planning and this would help so much. I have spent months searching for pictures, documents, and more for my mother’s gift.

  11. I borrowed a Flip Pal with unsatisfactory results. There obviously is a learning curve to the feature of scanning large items and stitching them together. I got the most horrendous stitches that were totally unusable. Of course it was me, I am sure because when my friend demonstrated it, it worked as intended. I wouldn’t mind having one to master as I still have lots of uses for it.

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