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SCAM – Did You Get An Email From Nathan Williams?

Or from someone pushing Zen College Life?


My name is Nathan Williams and I am part of the Editorial Team for Zen College Life. I wanted to let you know that GeneABloggers has been selected as one of The 50 Best Genealogy Blogs.

Our Editors and Readers selected your blog because of its high standard of quality information mixed with your excellent commentary.

We’ve also created a badge that you can display on your website to let your readers know you’ve made the list. If you want to display the badge, simply email me and I will help you post it to your blog.

In addition, if you are interested in being interviewed for our blog, please let me know.

Continued Success!


Again, as we have stated here about Online Colleges and Universities and here about that infamous email from Lauren Jackson and Online Social Work Degrees, please consider the source when you are notified of an award.

As you can see I’ve decided not to link to the site that Nathan is pushing.  So what is it with these “college” sites? Back on October 18, 2010 you’ll remember that Online Colleges and Universities decided to award many genealogy bloggers with a “top genealogy blog” award and GeneaBloggers busted them.

As I’ve said before, as genealogy and family history becomes more popular, almost any SEO scam artist and scumbag will try to hop on to this fast moving train, some for their own purposes not directly related to genealogy. Note: I’m starting to use stronger language because THESE PEOPLE JUST DON”T GET IT!

So if you get an email from Nathan, send him a link to this post and tell him, “No thanks!” or tell him something along those lines.

©2011, copyright Thomas MacEntee

5 thoughts on “SCAM – Did You Get An Email From Nathan Williams?

  1. Yet again you’ve busted the scumbags! I received this email this morning and immediately came to geneabloggers – I just KNEW you’d know something about this! I did exactly as you suggested, replied with a link to your post. Thanks Thomas!

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