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ancestral origins DNA test

ancestral origins DNA test

I’m just returning home to Chicago from a busy week in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I not only attended the RootsTech conference but also squeezed in some genealogy research at the Family History Library. One topic of discussion, both at the library and the conference, was that of the ancestral origins DNA test and how far the technology has progressed, even in just the past two years.

DNA Testing Helps Expand the Genealogy Experience

Many of my readers here at GeneaBloggers know that I’m always looking for not just new ways to research my family history, but also new ways to experience that same history. I want to learn and understand every aspect of the daily lives of my ancestors including what they wore, what they ate, how they worked and more. Also, I’d love to know if they suffered from any ailments, diseases and conditions that impacted their descendants.

One way to get a better idea of who you ancestors were and how they connect to others around the world is through the use of a variety of DNA tests. I can’t believe how these tests have not only become more accurate in terms of their information, but also how much more affordable they are as compared to a few years ago.

Which DNA Test is Best for You?

There are a variety of different tests for understanding DNA and genealogy; a good starting point is one that helps determine the origins of your ancestry. With this type of test you not only gain a basic understanding of where your ancestors lived, but often are provided with a map which plots out those regions. In addition, the results of an ancestral origins DNA test are easy to share with other family members and can actually help spark an interest in your family history.

What Will You Find with a DNA Test?

As with genealogy and family history, a wealth of information and even some surprises, can be discovered once you decide to incorporate DNA testing into your research. With the improved technology and affordable pricing, there’s no better time than now to take that first step. Here’s your chance to see if DNA testing can open up new avenues of information for you and your family.

Moreover, collecting samples for the DNA test is so easy and quick to carry out. All you need to do is swab your cheeks with oral swabs you get in a home kit provided. Once you have collected the samples, you just let the swabs dry and send them back for testing. Your results will give you heaps of information about your very own ancient ancestral roots.