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Who’ll Be At RootsTech 2012?

RootsTech 2012

Over 80 genealogy bloggers are expected to attend RootsTech conference starting February 2-4, 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah. This includes the Official RootsTech Bloggers as well as other bloggers attending the event.

Below is a list of bloggers who have indicated they will be attending.  Stay tuned here at GeneaBloggers where we’ll be listing the latest RootsTech news and posts (and tweets with the #rootstech hash tag).

Note: if you are a member of GeneaBloggers and your name does not appear below but you will be at RootsTech please let us know! GeneaBloggers has a special gift for you!

Total Count:  94

Adelman, David
Reel Tributes

Alzo, Lisa
The Accidental Genealogist

Ball, Jill

BankheadSusan Farrell
Susan’s Genealogy Blog

Barnes, Nancy and Biff
Stories To Tell 

Brenner, Bart
Stardust ‘n’ Roots

Buzbee, Bruce
RootsMagic Blog

Chiotti, Lynda
Deal With Your Past 

Coffin, Amy
We Tree

Collins, Audrey
The Family Recorder

Cooke, Lisa Louise
Genealogy Gems Podcast

Corley, Missy
Bayside Blog

Cotton, Kim
Walking Your Family Tree

Coughlin, Barbara
Genealogy Puzzles

Cowan, Christa
Family History in Real Life

Crow, Amy Johnson
Technology and Genealogy Services 

Daniels, Cheri
History Burgoo
Journeys Past

Dardashti, Schellly Talalay
Tracing The Tribe: The Jewish Genealogy Blog

Doerflinger, Elyse
Elyse’s Genealogy Blog 

Doyle, Kathryn
California Genealogical Society Blog 

Eastman, Dick
Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter

Elkins, Valerie
Family Cherished

Feldstein, Banai
The Ginger Jewish Genealogist

Firkowski, Tim
The Genealogy Assistant

Fonoimoana, Larri-Anne
The Samoan Genealogy Group

Footnote Maven
Footnote Maven

Friedman, Elise
Relative Roots

Garber, Emily
(going) The Extra Yad 

Genung, Carol
Illuminated Ancestries

Goodrum, Michele
The Turning of Generations

Hansen, Holly
Family History Expos

Haden, Kay
Leaves of the Tree

Henderson, Harold
Midwestern Microhistory: A Genealogy Blog

Hilb, Vickie
Finding Family 101

Hinkel, Paula
Genealogy Jamboree Blog
It Just Never Came Up

Howard, Jennifer
History Burgoo

Hovorka, Janet
The Chart Chick

Ivory, A.C.
Find My Ancestor

Jamison, Becky
Grace and Glory

Jensen, Fran
Benjamin Kingman Curtis
Heart of Story

Kapke, Lorel
Sort Your Story

Kelly, Caroleen
The Ancestry of Gramps and Mamaw’s Girls

Kessler, Louis
Behold Genealogy

Kimmit, Polly

Klemme, Christa
Idaho Genealogical Society 

Kult, Kathy
KK’s Genealogy Adventures

Lawson, Leslie
Genealogy and Other Thoughts

Levenick, Denise
The Family Curator

Lowe. J. Mark
Keeping the Story Alive

MacEntee, Thomas

Mahieu, Lauren

Mathews, Barbara
The Demanding Genealogist

Maxwell, Sue
Granite Genealogy

Mayhew, Jamie
Branches of My Family Tree 
GSNOCC Musings

McCauley, Linda
Documenting the Details

McCormick, Michael
Enduring Legacy Genealogy 

McFarland, Tom
Genealogy Journey 

Meitzler, Leland
Genealogy Blog

Melick, Rayanne
Grove Creek Family History

Mills, Jenna
Desperately Seeking Surnames

Mueller, Chris
New Mexico Jewish Historical Society Genealogy Group Blog
Roots Seeker
Sandoval County New Mexico Genealogical Society Blog

Ol’ Myrt
Dear Myrtle

Olsen, Mark

Ortega, Gena Philibert
Gena’s Genealogy Blog

Palermo, Lynn
The Armchair Genealogist 

Petersen, Bret
Branches of OUR Tree

Phillips, Donna Potter
Tika’s Thoughts and Teachings

Pointer, Caroline
Family Stories

Powell, Kimberly Genealogy

Rasmussen, Geoff
Legacy Family Tree News

Rhodes, Dusty
Ancestry Toolbox

Pattie Schultz
Everyday Genealogy
Pack Peddler’s Place

Schulze, Lorine McGinnis
Olive Tree Genealogy

Scott, Kerry
Clue Wagon 

Seaver, Randy

Schlegel, Nancy
Schlegel Reminisces

Shively, Nancy
Gathering Stories

Smith, Drew
Genealogy Guys Blog

Stratton, Liz
Attics and Old Lace

Stuart-Warren, Paula
Paula’s Genealogical Eclectica

Tanner, James
Genealogy’s Star

Tarr, Julie Cahill
Writing Your Way to the Past
Who Will Tell Their Story

Taylor, Maureen
The Photo Detective

The Ancestry Insider
The Ancestry Insider

Treme, Pamela
My McKee Family Tree
Technology Tamers

Van Drie, Rob
Genealogisch Gezien 

VonAspern, Kim
Le Maison Duchamp

VonLanken, Lisa
The Shy Genealogist

Wayne, Debbie Parker
Deb’s Delvings in Genealogy

Wilcox, Jane E.
Forget-Me-Not Ancestry

Wiseman, Becky

Worthington, Russ
A Worthington Weblog
My Tombstone Collection

Young, Richard
Family History Tech

Zamora, Renee
Renee’s Genealogy Blog

Disclosure: I have been designated as a RootsTech Official Blogger which entitles me to certain perks including free registration and more. Please see Disclosure Statements for more information on my material connection with RootsTech, FamilySearch and other genealogy vendors.

©2011, copyright Thomas MacEntee

17 thoughts on “Who’ll Be At RootsTech 2012?

  1. I’m going to be a busy girl meeting all these people – some of my favourite bloggers are on the list.. Will I have time for any sessions?

  2. Thanks for posting this list, Thomas. I won’t be attending RootsTech, but will follow the posts on many blogs as I did last year. It was a lot of funs! And I have already found and visited a few new blogs from scanning the list so far. Have a great time.
    Nancy Hurley

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