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Review – Oddball Family Tree

Oddball Family Tree

Are you looking for unique and unusual genealogy-related gift items this holiday season? And ones that are reasonably priced? Look no further than Oddball Press and their Oddball Family Tree which I located during a search on Etsy.

What is Etsy?

On a side note, if you haven’t checked out Etsy yet, then realize it is like Ebay only with handmade and vintage items sold by crafts persons and collectors.  A search for the term “genealogy” brings up this list of items including family tree charts, handmade jewelry, and even wall decals!


Oddball Family Tree

One item that stood out for me was by Oddball Press and the name stuck with me: Oddball Family Tree. How many of us have felt about our own families that way, especially after researching their history?

This is a letterpress executed print in black and green with great silhouette images and can be completed by hand. There is space for your own name (or the gift recipient) and three generations.

Oddball Family Tree

I quickly placed my order because I figured for $10.00 USD (plus $5.00 shipping) I couldn’t go wrong with such a neat item. There is a substantial shipping discount if your order more than one item from the Oddball Press store on Etsy.

When it arrived, I was impressed with the shipping and packaging – it arrived quickly and was well-protected from any destructive forces.  And when I opened it up, I was not disappointed – great acid-free paper, the print colors were vibrant and consistent.

Ultimately, I made this a gift to myself – I filled it out by hand (with acid-free ink) and am now having it framed for my office. But I could see the Oddball Family Tree being a gift for a friend or family member or even a client! You could let the recipient complete the chart themselves or fill it out for them.


I’ve always been pleased with my shopping experiences on Etsy but I realize that the level of customer service depends upon the store and the store owner.  Kati at Oddball Press has not only a great selection of items but she is very attentive to her customers. All during the purchasing and shipment process I was updated as to what was going on, when the item was being shipped etc. I hope you’ll check out the Oddball Family Tree as well as the other Oddball Press items, both at Etsy and on their website.

Note: Later today I will be posting an interview with Kati Hanimagi, owner of Oddball Press, here at GeneaBloggers – stay tuned to find out more about Kati and her work.

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Disclosure statement: I have no material contacts with Oddball Press or its creator, Kati Hanimagi. I purchased my own copy of Oddball Family Tree for my own personal use. To review the other material connections I have with genealogy vendors, please see Disclosure Statements.

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  1. It looks awesome! Never heard of etsy before, but will certainly be checking it out! Thanks for posting!

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