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Review: How to Archive Family Photos

A special discount of 34% percent off the new book How to Archive Family Photos by Denise Levenick - here's how to get the special coupon code!

A special discount of 34% percent off the new book How to Archive Family Photos by Denise Levenick - here's how to get the special coupon code!

[Editor’s note: I was provided an advance PDF copy of How to Archive Family Photos for review purposes by the author, Denise Levenick. In addition, right now Shop Family Tree has an offer to save 27% off this amazing book – normally $25.99, now $18.99 on pre-order. And a FURTHER DISCOUNT! Use promo code SFT2015 at checkout, and save another $1.90 which means a total savings of 34%. Click here for more information.]

I just finished reading How to Archive Family Photos – A Step-by-Step Guide to Organize and Share Your Photos Digitally by Denise May Levenick and here is the first thing I’m going to do: get rid of all the bookmarks and articles about digitizing and organizing photos that I have saved to Evernote, Pinterest and other places. Why? Because How to Archive Family Photos covers ALL the bases with updated and current information about photo organization and digitization. You do not need any other book and since Levenick’s approach is sensible and easy-to-read, you likely will not need much else if you want to tackle that pile of photos!

A Photo Project Road Map

With over 25 years’ experience in technology focusing on desktop applications and programs, I often find “holes” or “gaps” in books that purport to completely cover a specific topic involving technology, apps and gadgets. There is no “gap” to mind or “hole” to overlook with How to Archive Family Photos; the author has laid out a systematic approach known as Organize, Digitize and Create.

Levenick takes time to explain technical terms in plain English. She also offers a variety of approaches to tasks such as determining how much digital storage space a user might need, or the best scanner to use for a specific project. In addition, the author goes beyond the typical do-it-yourself approach and indicates when it might be time to call in reinforcements and use outside vendors. The information in How to Archive Family Photos is varied and allows the reader to find the right approach for dealing with his or her own collection of photos.

Once you have organized and digitized all those photos, negatives, slides and more, you get a reward! You get to “play” and be creative with 25 different projects ranging from simple thank you cards using an old family photo to more complex items such as wall calendars, photo books and more. Too often I find that similar books will list many ideas and even resources for creative projects, but they won’t take the time to outline the project in a step-by-step approach the way the author has done in How to Archive Family Photos.

How to Archive Family Photos: A New Classic

In my family history book collection, I have very few titles that I am willing to designate as “bibles” or “canonical works” meaning that the book is the go-to guide on the subject. We are talking classics such as Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills or The Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy, edited by Loretto Dennis Szucs and Sandra Hargreaves Luebking. Now I can add How to Archive Family Photos to that special place on my bookshelf.


If you are serious about managing and preserving your family photo collection then you owe it to yourself and your family history to purchase How to Archive Family Photos and get started TODAY.

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