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Review: Amazing Family Tree Charts from i (chart) you

i chart you

Like most genealogists and family historians I’m always looking for new and different ways to share my research with friends and family. Luckily we live in a time when there are more and more ways to create a beautiful family tree using a variety of online vendors such as i (chart) you.

The premise is pretty simple and anyone can create one of these beautiful charts . . . if you have the names of parents, grand-parents and up to five generations, you simply fill out the form, make your purchase and you’ll receive a high-resolution file you can print yourself.

Creating Your Family Tree with i (chart) you

The process is very basic: select your chart color scheme and style (couple or individual in the center), purchase your chart, then enter the names of your ancestors and receive a high-resolution file for printing.

i chart you 1

Go to Products ( and select the format and color scheme that suits your needs.

i chart you 2

I selected Peach & Dirt ( since this is the color scheme I like and that will match the colors of my office where the final print will hang. Then select whether you want an Individual as the center element or a Couple. The Couple option would be nice for a wedding or anniversary gift, and you could also use the Individual option as a birthday gift for a friend or family member.

Make payment and then wait for an email to arrive with a link to the form where you enter ancestor names.

i chart you

There is not an option to upload a GEDCOM and actually I like that this option doesn’t exist: it means that anyone can actually create a chart – they don’t need to use any software. And if you have already generated a similar tree from your genealogy database software, like Family Tree Maker, you simply have to enter the names from that chart and proof them before submitting the data.

Note: be careful not to hit the back button on your web browser or the switch from Individual to Couple (or vice versa): you will lose all the data in the form and have to re-enter the names. I found this out the hard way!

Once you are done, click Send My Chart and wait up to seven business days to receive the high-resolution file as shown above.

Printing Options

While i (chart) you does offer printing if you really want them to do that, they strongly recommend other options such as the Costco Photo Center ( which I regularly use for holiday cards and invites. By giving you the ability to control the printing process, you have more options as to size and finish. I totally agree with i (chart) you as to the concept of self-printing – it allows me to manage the many ways I can use the image. I may even create t-shirts, mugs or other items over at sites like Zazzle and Café Press!


I love my chart from i (chart) you because of the simplicity of the graphics and the beauty of the layout and colors. These charts make great gifts and also conversation starters when displayed in your home or office. I’m hoping that the folks at i (chart) you come up with different layouts and color schemes especially later this year when the holiday shopping season starts (hint, hint!).

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The folks at i (chart) you ( comped me one family tree chart, as shown above, valued at $25 USD so I could document the creation process and review the end product. Disclosure statement: I have material connections with various vendors and organizations. To review the material connections I have in the genealogy industry, please see Disclosure Statements.

©2014, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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