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Resources for Holiday Blog Decorating

holiday ornament

The December holidays are filled with lots of decorating activities and blogs are no exception. Very often genealogy bloggers will use a temporary template with a holiday theme for the month of December. Here is GeneaBloggers’ current list of resources for holiday blog decorating:

How-To Videos

Produced by yours truly, these screen casts will show you how to backup your current Blogger blog template (Part 1 ) and how to install a holiday Blogger template (Part 2).

Part 1: Backing Up Your Blogger Blog Before Installing A Holiday Template

Part 2: Installing A Holiday Template in Blogger






Templates – Blogger

Templates – WordPress

  • 15 Interesting Christmas Free WordPress Themes (via Developer Fox)


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13 thoughts on “Resources for Holiday Blog Decorating

  1. Heather – I was disappointed in that I could not find many pre-made templates for Thanksgiving. I also wanted to hold off until after Thanksgiving to decorate my personal blog but I also wanted to make sure genealogy bloggers had resources available for their decorating needs.

  2. I don’t mind Christmas coming early! I was singing carols in the car to the radio today. It’s just that Thanksgiving is a much more genealogy friendly holiday, especially to people here in New England or us folks with Pilgrims in the family tree.

  3. Yeah! I did it. Thanks Thomas for the education. It worked. A little scary at first when you hit that delete button but relatively easy. A little tweeking still required, some of my gadgets are giving me a bit of trouble but for my first time it was pretty simple.

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