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Resource: Tagul For Gorgeous Tag Clouds


At GeneaBloggers we’re always looking for new ways to help you display information on your blog including tags and labels.  While there are many built-in gadgets and widgets to display the data in a “cloud” format, a new program called Tagul actually takes the process up another notch.

For now, Tagul is free and you simply sign up, link to your blog, select the cloud shape, color, font etc.  And when you are finished you get the code to drop into a HTML/text widget or gadget in your sidebar.  The final result looks like this:

GeneaBloggers Tag Cloud

You can also have the cloud update every 12 or 24 hours if you post frequently.  Check out Tagul when you have a chance and see what kind of tag cloud you can create!

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9 thoughts on “Resource: Tagul For Gorgeous Tag Clouds

  1. That looks cool! Gonna head there and make myself a new ‘cloud.’ What was that old 60’s song? Or was it 70’s? “Hey, Hee, Get offa my cloud!” Bet you weren’t even alive then, Thomas…. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Very pretty, but doesn’t work well scrunched into a sidebar. I switched back to WordPress’ default tag cloud after playing a bit.

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