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Renaming Your Blogger-Based Blog


This week I received an email from a fellow genealogy blogger asking for some advice on renaming her blog.  Over the course of several e-mails, I was able to help Nadasue of Into the Light decide on a course of action – you can read more about her dilemma here.

In my presentations and classes on creating a genealogy blog, I urge future bloggers to take their time in selecting a name and a web address for their blog.  While not impossible to change at a later date, change is not easy – we all know that in various aspects of our lives, right?  But blogs evolve just as people do which means you may reach a point where you need to rename your site.

Here are some issues to consider when renaming a blog that has been built on the Blogger platform:

  • Backup Your Blog Before You Start. As a precaution, backup your blog including blog template.
  • Change Only The Title.  When logged into Blogger, on the Dashboard click Settings and then click the Basic tab.  In the Title field enter the new title and then click Save Settings at the bottom.  This will not change the web address but only the display title in the masthead of your blog.change blogger 01
  • You Can Change The Address.  Many think it is impossible to change the address but it is easy to do.  Click Settings and then click the Publishing tab.  In the Blog*Spot Address field enter the new address and then check for availability.change blogger 02
  • Transfer Your Feed.  Once you change the address, you would assume that you’d need to burn a new feed (see What Does “Burning A Feed” Mean?), right?  And you’d assume that new subscribers would not have access to the posts under the old address, right? Well if you used FeedBurner to burn your feed, there is a way to change the feed for your new address.  In FeedBurner, click the name of the feed and then the Edit Feed Details screen apprears.  Change the information in the Feed Title and Original Feed fields to match your new title and/or address.change blogger 03
  • Inform Your Readers. With any change to your blog – be it template, font, or title – create a post to let your users know of the changes and how it may impact the way in which they access your blog posts.
  • What Is Impacted When I Change My Blog’s Title? Not much really and this change has the least impact on your readers.  Readers who have bookmarked your site will still be able to read your blog, and all links that others have made to your blog will still work.
  • What Is Impacted When I Change My Blog’s Address? Realize that any bookmarks or favorites your readers have saved may no longer work.  In addition, if you’ve used social bookmarking sites such as Digg or StumbleUpon, those links may also be inoperable.  And if other bloggers have linked to your posts, those links may no longer work.  Luckily, the major search engines such as Google and Bing will be updated and readers can locate your new site easily.

© 2009, Thomas MacEntee

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