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Removing The Blogger Navigation Bar

Blogger Navigation Bar

Did you know that it is possible to remove the Blogger navigation bar and prevent it from appearing at the top of your Blogger-based blog?

Why Remove The Navbar?

Before you ask, “Why would someone want to do that?” here are some reasons:

  • you have further control as to the look and feel of your blog
  • your blog can look more like a website
  • the “Next Blog” link can easily take viewers to a different site, perhaps one that is not related to genealogy or containing inappropriate content
  • the “Report For Abuse” makes it too easy for someone to report your blog which can have disastrous consequences


Before you go ahead and remove the navbar, keep in mind that some consider such removal a violation of Blogger’s Terms of Service.  Despite that, I have not heard of any blog being shut down for removing the navbar so far and many blogs have removed the navbar.

Removing The NavBar

  • In the Blogger Dashboard click Layout and then click the Edit HTML tab.

  • Before you edit the template code, click Download Full Template in order to create a backup of your template.  Save the file in a safe location.

  • Locate the code at the bottom of this post (begins with #navbar . . .), highlight it, right-click with your mouse and select Copy.
  • Next, place your cursor in the location specified below, right-click with your mouse and select Paste to insert the code.

  • Click Save Template.  Click View Blog and the navigation bar is removed.

Getting To Your Blogger Dashboard

One downside of removing the navbar is quickly getting to your Blogger Dashboard.  The best way to do so is to simply navigate to each time you want to access the Dashboard.

In addition, you may want to add a Search gadget to your sidebar if your readers depend upon the search field in the navbar.

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8 thoughts on “Removing The Blogger Navigation Bar

  1. Nicely done.

    Not sure I would do it if I had a blogger account. Sure, they may not catch it for awhile, but what do you do when your account is suddenly suspended or closed? You wouldn’t be able to get into the account to back up your old posts, and you’d be forced to start from scratch. Google has done some rather severe things with sites in their search index that do not abide by the terms of service.

  2. I’ll think about this one. Good points you raise, I just thought I would click on the “next blog” option and 7 out of the 10 blogs I got were family history or local history blogs!

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