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Rant: When a Business Doesn’t “Get” Marketing

Have you or your genealogy society recently been bombarded with e-mails from a “Bible and Book Repair” service? Have you been receiving e-mails despite not having an existing business relationship with this company? Have they still been sending you e-mails despite your requests to be removed from their list?

The Last Straw

Yes folks, this is a rant and here is what has set me off this time:  all of the above happened to me recently and today’s attempted posting of the following comment on the GeneaBloggers About page was the last straw:

I repair Bibles and other precious books.

I would like to be of service to your members and visitors.

Please contact me at:   ____________   if you have any questions or would like a single page poster for your bulletin board.

Thank you, _____________

Visit my website to see what can be done: ________________

As you can see above, I’ll be damned if I give this idiot any advertising so I’ve taken to using the blank lines.

So Why Does It Matter?

The reason I’ve gotten so hot and bothered over this (and I try very hard to let most things just roll off my back . . .) is because I’ve actually reached out to this person via email to advise him on sound e-mail marketing techniques. I’ve sent links and even described how to use MailChimp the way I’ve built up my recent GeneaBloggers E-News mailing list.

Most readers know that I am generous with my time and advice and I’ll pretty much answer any inquiry related to starting a business and marketing or “how did you do this?” etc. as long as a quick response from me will suffice.

So when someone like me who had to learn the ropes of starting a business from scratch and how to embrace effective marketing, actually advises someone on the best way to use e-mail marketing, and they continue their spammy and ineffective practices, and even worse want to spam your website . . . Well you get the picture.

Off the soap box.  For now.

©2012, copyright Thomas MacEntee


4 thoughts on “Rant: When a Business Doesn’t “Get” Marketing

  1. I hear you! And some days the only thing you can do about the idiots is vent. But I hope you know there are also many people who appreciate what you’re doing but don’t tell you.

    Consider yourself told.

  2. Give ’em hell.

    If you are trying to promote your business, and getting feedback from folks that you are being annoying or unethical in your promotion, AND you persist!?! You deserve a Thomas Take-Down.

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