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Poll – Jamboree Bloggers Lounge

SCGS Jamboree 2011

In a recent post at the Southern California Genealogical Society‘s Jamboree blog (yes, it is a 365 day planning operation!), mention was made that almost 75% of the Exhibitor Hall space is already sold!

We all know that #scgs11 will be a big event and that we can probably count on at least 50 genealogy bloggers if not more to be in attendance. This means we should start planning ahead in terms of whether or not we want to have an official GeneaBloggers Bloggers Lounge in the Exhibitor Hall or located just outside.

This past year, we were offered space in the main entry but only after the Registration desk was taken down on Saturday morning.  By that time, most of the bloggers had been hanging out in the coffee / work area of the Burbank Marriott which over the course of Jamboree became our default study hall and hangout area!

So if you get a chance and if you have an opinion, please take our poll which is in the sidebar as well as at the end of this post. We’ll tabulate results and determine what the next step is.

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5 thoughts on “Poll – Jamboree Bloggers Lounge

  1. I am so divided on this. If we move to the exhibit hall, we will get more attention, have a chance to draw more genealogists to blogging and technology, have a chance to network with others, etc. We can even have a little table where we show others how to do certain things or tell them about the geneablogging community – I’d be more than happy to volunteer for that. But at the same time – it was AWESOME to be able to sit even after conference hours or early before conference hours (because of excitement, I couldn’t sleep). Plus, we are a rowdy group and so having us near the exhibit hall might not be a good idea.

    Hmmmm…definitely ready to hear the ideas of others on this.

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