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The Value of Play


Many of us in the genealogy blogging community are very familiar with the wonderful series of blogging prompts called Saturday Night Genealogy Fun (SNGF) created by Randy Seaver of the Genea-Musings blog.  But have you ever thought of the concept as more than just “games” or “play?”

If you have children or grand-children you know that play is an important part of the educational process.  So too with adults.  There are times when we don’t allow ourselves time to play, time to educate ourselves.

So how valuable is SNGF? Well if you look at this week’s example – Ahnentafel Roulette – you can see it is an opportunity for those new to genealogy to learn about the Ahnentafel report and numbering system.

For me, SNGF has also been a way for me to get to know my ancestors much better and to see the “holes” in my research and places where I need to do more work.

In the past some in the genealogy community have criticized the genealogy bloggers as “all fun and games” or “not serious genealogists.”  Members of GeneaBloggers know that we often pursue our family history research as seriously as professional genealogists.  We just try to incorporate various methods including the use of social media, writing and well, just having fun sometimes.

If you get a chance, stop by Randy’s blog and tell him “thanks” and then if you haven’t already done so, join in the fun!

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