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Special Pinterest Boards for Veterans Day

Our Gratitude Shall Not Sleep

Next Monday, 11 November 2013, is Veteran’s Day and GeneaBloggers announces two new Pinterest boards where family historians can pay tribute to their military ancestors: Our Gratitude Shall Not Sleep and Military Honor Rolls.

Our Gratitude Shall Not Sleep

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We invite those on Pinterest to join as we build a virtual memory wall to pay tribute to all our military ancestors and our present day veterans who served in the military. Consider posting photos, medals, patches, letters home, newspaper articles and stories – anything that not only makes sure that we never forget their service, but lets others learn more about our family history.

Military Honor Rolls

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Another Pinterest board has been created thanks to the inspiration of Heather Wilkinson Rojo and the Military Honor Roll project at her blog, Nutfield Genealogy.

Military Honor Rolls are installed by schools, towns, and sometimes businesses and social organizations to honor their members, residents and alumni who participated in past wars. Sometimes they list all the residents of a town who went to war, and sometimes the honor roll lists only those who were killed in action. By transcribing these lists found in parks, on walls, and inside buildings we make these names of men and women available to be found by search engines online.

How To Get Involved

IF you would like to participate in either of these boards, you must have an active Pinterest account and do the following:

1. Follow the boards above.

2. Email with your Pinterest profile URL (the one for GeneaBloggers is OR your email address.

3. Let us know which board you want to pin to – either one or both.

4. GeneaBloggers will follow ALL your boards and then add you to the board or boards you request.

We also ask that you stick to the topic and pin items that are related to that board. Any pins considered off topic or spam will be deleted.

Remebering Veterans Every Day

An while this is a Veteran’s Day inspired project, we all know that our veterans deserve our attention each and every day. We’ll keep these boards active and invite all those with military ancestors to continue pinning throughout the year.

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