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Over 60% Off GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test Report


GPS Origins Algorithm – only $29, regularly $79 

The GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test Report presents the geographical origins of your DNA, which could be a country or as close to the nearest town. Your DNA signature began when two different groups created a new genetic signature – the one that you ultimately inherited. Sale price is $29 per upload (includes v1, 23andme, FTDNA/NatGeo raw data).

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My Experience with GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test Report

In October, I was approached by the producers of the GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test Report to try their product. I have tested my DNA via AncestryDNA as well as 23andMe and I had already downloaded the data from those tests to a .zip file. I used my AncestryDNA data and the results of the GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test Report were interesting. Click here to see my results!

What I found most interesting were the DNA Migration Routes showing movement from Ukraine to Hungary (“At some point before 1043 AD your ancestors moved to Ukraine. These are the events your ancestors would have lived through in Ukraine.”) as well as my ancestry in Russia.

I believe that the GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test Report offers more information for you to pursue as you use DNA test results to help determine your ethnic heritage and family history.

Offer Expires November 29th!

This is a limited time offer, November 23rd through November 29th – use promo code FRUDATA50. Click here to get started – via GPS Origins.

Disclosure Statement: From time to time, I negotiate special money-saving offers with genealogy vendors in exchange for either a percentage of items sold and/or a free sample for review purposes.  Click here to see the full Disclosure Statement for GeneaBloggers.

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