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Open Thread Thursday: How Do You Handle Change?

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This week’s topic for Open Thread Thursday is:

The only constant is change, so it has been said. The GeneaBloggers site will be undergoing some changes to layout and function over the next few days with an unveiling on October 1, 2012.

Have you ever considered how your ancestors handled change? Of course, picking up and moving to a new country, sometimes across an ocean, was quite a change. But what about changes in technology? Or changes in the more subtle aspects of every day life?

Consider the concept of change in all its aspects: how we resist change, how change can improve or perhaps detract from our lives, etc. And also consider telling the story of change in the lives of your ancestors.

Post your responses in the comments or at a post on your own genealogy blog and place the link here in the comments.

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Well, I’ve been putting off some major changes to this website for months now.  There are several reasons, but the main hindrance has been the lack of time to test and institute such changes. So I’ve decided that this is the weekend when I’ll be trying out some new looks, new templates, new widgets etc.  Sort of like a DIY home renovation for my blog!

What can you expect?  Well, here is a preview:

  • A magazine style template with easy-to-find articles. Several years ago I tried to institute such a format but there was considerable resistance. The main reasons were that there were too many “clicks” to get to what readers wanted.  Since that time, magazine templates have been greatly improved and I think the timing is right for such a format.
  • New widgets.  As many of you know, Google Reader did a major revamp of its widgets late last year. Since that time, even though many of you have suggested new Daily Blogging Prompts, I haven’t been able to activate them due to the Google changes. In addition, I need a better way of aggregating the Daily Blogging Prompt content; right now I read over 500 blog posts a day and manually tag those that match that day’s prompts.  I’m looking to improve efficiency in this process and expand the number of prompts for the genealogy blogging community.
  • Easier-to-read format. As I get older, my eyes can’t handle some of the text even in this template that has been in use at GeneaBloggers for close to three years now. I also intend to have some text to voice features and other mechanisms to serve readers with different needs and abilities.

Let me know in the comments what features you enjoy, what you want to see in the future, and what your vision of a community site for genealogy bloggers would look like. And again, I appreciate all your support and each day I am both grateful and humbled by your generous contributions to help building our community.


This is a great topic for this week’s Open Thread Thursday! And please, if you have a topic you’d like to see discussed among your genealogy blogging colleagues, please contact us and we’ll take it under consideration.

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8 thoughts on “Open Thread Thursday: How Do You Handle Change?

  1. Change is a very good thing – most change is a positive thing, and I’m sure its no different with the Geneablogger site! Keeps people on their toes! Looking forward to your unveiling and the new changes!

  2. I think the changes sound wonderful, Thomas! I’ve been talking with families within the deaf/blind community through some homeschooling groups, and there really is a need for websites with more accessibility. I think that part excites me the most. Way to go! ~ Stephanie

  3. Change, change, change….the world is always changing and we must change to keep up. You are always on the cutting edge of genealogy, Thomas, and this will keep Geneabloggers there, out front in the lead. Thank you for all that you do!! Jennifer

  4. OK, gotta be honest. I’m not a fan of the magazine templates. All those
    little boxes is just too “busy looking” for me. But at 64, I’m admittedly a dinosaur
    and set in my ways.

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