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Open Thread Thursday – A Gift

This week’s topic for Open Thread Thursday is:

If you could give any type of gift – no matter what the cost – to a new genealogist or family historian, what would you give?

There are many genealogy gifts mentioned or reviewed here at GeneaBloggers but don’t limit yourself to the conventional! Be creative, think outside the gift box, and tell us what you’d give!

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Please either post on today’s topic of “A Gift For A New Genealogist” at your own blog and then post the link here in the comments or simply add your two cents in the comments section:

  • Can you think of one item, product or service that you wish you new about when you first started doing genealogy research? Would this make a good gift for a new genealogist?
  • If you could issue a “recall” for any one genealogy product or practice, which one would you target and why?
  • Are you secretly hoping that Santa will bring you a certain genealogy gift this Christmas? Want to let us in on it?

This is a great topic for this week’s Open Thread Thursday! And please, if you have a topic you’d like to see discussed among your genealogy blogging colleagues, please contact us and we’ll take it under consideration.

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4 thoughts on “Open Thread Thursday – A Gift

  1. Patience.
    And a subscription to As Winston Churchill said,”We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” With Footnote I not only get clues to my ancestors life but get to give to a community by annotating uploaded documents, adding comments, linking people and documents, so that those who follow have more and more of their story.

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