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Open Thread Thursday – Embedding a Family Tree in Your Blog Post


These week’s topic for Open Thread Thursday is:

Have you ever attempted to display in a blog post a family tree chart so that your family could get a better understanding of your genealogy research?  It isn’t as easy as you would think.  Some have simply placed links to PDF or image files.  Others have displayed images of family tree charts in a blog post. How have you accomplished the need to display visually to others what you’ve been working on in terms of family history? If you could magically design your own way working with or Family Search, what features would you want?

Thanks to Carol Nettles of the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society for helping come up with this week’s Open Thread Thursday pondering. Carol attended the October 2010 Workshop on October 2, 2010 in Spokane where I covered various topics including how to create a genealogy blog.

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Please either post on today’s topic of “embedding family tree charts” at your own blog and then post the link here in the comments or simply add your two cents in the comments section:

  • What approach have you used to display family tree charts in a blog post? Images? Embedded PDFs using Scribd? Or perhaps a slide show using Slide Share?
  • How important is the visual aspect of your genealogical research? Does a visualization work better than an ahnentafel report or some other genealogy report?
  • Do genealogy vendors need more “social media hooks” to share family tree charts created online? What if a genealogy vendor allowed you to embed a family tree chart but there was an ad or an enticement to purchase a copy through the vendor?
  • If you could design your own application that allowed you to embed a family tree chart to a blog post, what features would you want? Linked to an online tree at a genealogy vendor? Social media features? The ability for family members to add or change data?

This is a great topic for this week’s Open Thread Thursday! And please, if you have a topic you’d like to see discussed among your genealogy blogging colleagues, please contact us and we’ll take it under consideration.

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7 thoughts on “Open Thread Thursday – Embedding a Family Tree in Your Blog Post

  1. It certainly isn’t easy! I’ve resorted to using pdf or jpg images for a website I’m developing, but they aren’t very satisfactory.

    In my dream world I would be able to generate a chart that would allow me to add custom hyperlinks to the names, dates or locations. Don’t see that happening, but that’s the dream…

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