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Upfront with NGS Seeks Guest Bloggers

National Genealogical Society

National Genealogical Society

[Editor’s Note: We’ve received this request from Diane L. Richard, editor of the Upfront with the Upfront with NGS blog. I’ve personally written several guest blog post and it is a great opportunity not only to share your views about different aspects of genealogy, but also to publicize your own blog to the NGS membership and readers.]

Upfront with NGS is looking for guest blog posts. Topics need to be about a genealogy (family history) related or a relatable topic. Broad appeal is preferable to very narrow/specific topics. Are you an expert or passionate about something genealogical? If so, please submit a proposal. If it’s relevant to genealogy researchers, it will be considered. Some topic suggestions include: free and/or large databases, research techniques, new technology, resources, DNA testing, etc. Minimum length of 600 words. Include at least one graphic. No remuneration is provided thought the author is given a 50 word byline + one hyperlink (at the end of the post). Please send proposals to Diane L. Richard, Editor, Upfront with NGS,

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