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NGS Conference Adds Social Media Policy

ngs family history conference

I’m happy to announce that the National Genealogical Society has developed a social media policy for the upcoming NGS Family History Conference to be held May 11-14, 2011 in Charleston, South Carolina.

When the new NGS conference blog appeared recently, I sent an inquiry to the conference planning staff at NGS to see if a policy had been developed and would be in force during the conference.  Here is the wording of the policy:

NGS does not permit the recording of presentations at the NGS Family History Conference under any circumstances or in any form or media, including but not limited to audio recordings, video recordings, or literal transcripts, except by specific written permission. JAMB, Inc. contracts with NGS to audio record the lectures of speakers who provide their written consent to be recorded. CD’s may be purchased at the conference or ordered after the conference for $12 per CD.

NGS does permit and encourage the use of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and blogging at the conference as a way to summarize, highlight, excerpt, review, critique, and/or promote the presented materials, syllabus materials, or the conference in general, provided that (1) the material is not shared in full and (2) the author/speaker is referenced and cited appropriately in each case.  Please keep in mind that our presenters have invested many hours into the development of this material and copyright laws apply.

It appears that the NGS social media policy is in line with similar policies currently used at various genealogy conferences including the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree as well as Family History Expos.

If you have questions or comments, contact the NGS Conference Manager at or refer to FAQs.

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  1. This is GREAT news. It’s nice to see that NGS unmderstands how social media benefits genealogy. This is a very reasonable policy, and I’m glad they’ve put it out well before the conference.

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