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New Genealogy Blogs January 2, 2010

new genealogy blogs

[Note: this is a regular feature of GeneaBloggers which highlights new genealogy and family history-related blogs as well as those recently discovered by members of GeneaBloggers. Use the Suggest A Geneablog! link in the menu bar to pass along information on new blogs.]

There are 12 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week for a total of 820 genealogy blogs on our list! Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

Desperately Seeking Meglones

Desperately Seeking Meglones
Blog type: Individual family history, Kentucky genealogy, Surname blog

Desperately Seeking Meglones, covering the Kentucky Meglones. I have been busy at work trying to determine my family’s Meglone heritage and now have enough research accumulated to share with others and get their feedback.

Documenting The Details

Documenting The Details
Blog type: Individual family history

I enjoy reading genealogy blogs so blogging my own genealogy is something I have been thinking about for a while. Questions like “Do I have anything interesting to say?”, “Do I have the time or commitment to keep it up?” and “Will anyone read it?” usually squelched any serious thoughts – until now. While considering the possibility again last night this blog somehow got set up so I guess the decision to proceed has been made.

Entering a blog name was one of the first things to do in the set-up process. It seemed like a good idea to figure out a main focus for the blog first and hope it would name itself. Like most everyone who ever got into genealogy, I started out trying to go back as far as possible as fast as possible. Whoever accumulates the most names, dates and places wins, right? Well, maybe not. Over the past couple of years, I’ve concentrated on“DOCUMENTING THE DETAILS” to get a more complete picture of the lives of my ancestors so that seems to be the logical focus (and name) for this blog.

Now that I have a focus, I guess it’s time to start writing. I have a few ideas already for stories and along the way I will mix in some research struggles and (hopefully) successes as well as participate in some of the GeneaBloggers’ Daily Themes.

Geder Genealogy

Blog type: African-American genealogy, Individual family history

I’m trying to eliminate clutter and distractions. In my life and in my blog. That’s why I moved to

I’ve done away with comments. Just click on the email link to the right and I will get back to you. I think the dialog will be just as good if not better. I will share what is relevant in a followup post.

I’ll continue to give ‘props’ to websites as warranted. I just won’t bother you with a laundry list down the side of my blog. You won’t see a bunch of widgets and stuff.

You will see videos that I deem important enough to view. My Family History & Genealogy is the first focus. Tips, hints, and allegations comes next! LOL
Primarily African Ancestored based; but I embrace the WORLD! I write this with much love and transparency! What you see is what you’ll get!

Genealogy Center

Genealogy Center
Blog type: Library blog

For the Allen County Public Library, Ft. Wayne, IN: Genealogy Center staff members are always answering the question, “Why genealogy in Fort Wayne?” So we thought a little bit of how our collection came to be in order. But the idea of having the largest genealogy collection in a public library did not spring into someone’s mind as a single idea, and it took a number of steps to build what we know today.

George Family Gleanings

George Family Gleanings
Blog type: Individual family history, Welsh genealogy

Researching, bit by bit, my George family of Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Hellenic Genealogy Geek

Hellenic Genealogy Geek
Blog type: Greek genealogy, Individual family history

Follow along on my journey to discover more about Greek genealogy and preserve your Hellenic family history. This is a companion to my website

Hoffman Family News

Hoffman Family News
Blog type: Illinois genealogy, Individual family history, Swiss genealogy

The family history news of the Hoffman family, Swiss immigrants to northwest Illinois. The blog began as a private site in April 2009 but has now gone to a public format. It is an expansion of the print newsletter in existence since December 1998 documenting research on the family both in the U.S. since 1854 and in Switzerland.


Blog type: Cemetery blogs

I write about cemeteries and funerals and in between those two subjects is a whole host of genealogies as seen through the eyes of the one and only LAST2CU! I am a Cemeterian, a Taphophile and a really nosey Southern Lady. In a cemetery is where you learn where all of the family skeletons are buried along with their family secrets and stories. It is through the skeletons that you get the mos tinteresting information about every family member and their true family histories come to life.

Come and follow me as I listen for those “hidden” stories at

Our Ryckman Roots

Our Ryckman Roots
Blog type: Canadian genealogy, Surname blog

With the RYCKMAN family being in North America for just over four hundred years, knowing which line of this family to research can be tricky. Just about anyone in Canada and USA with a Ryckman ancestor is related to anyone else who has a Ryckman ancestor. Some of us are “double” Ryckmans. Throw into the mix that the Ryckman ancestors liked to use the same common given names and you can see how confusing researching this family might be.

The Hodder Collection

The Hodder Collection
Blog type: Australian genealogy

The idea for the Hodder History blog came about after scouring many, many web sites that had the information I needed but at an enormous yearly subscription cost when tallied up together. A bit here a bit there anyway I decided that as I have 20 years of my own Hodder information, death certificates from Utah & Aust, marriage certificates from Australia, photos, stories etc, etc, and had saved all my bookmarks on any Hodder I found on the www that it would be a service to genealogists throughout the world to share this research information especially those searching for Hodder connections.

Then I took it one step further and thought how neat it would be if the links took you directly to the Hodder surname. So much time is wasted sifting through the irrelevant stuff.

Hence the blog was born and a new world opened up!

The Lake Family of Lincolnshire

The Lake Family of Lincolnshire
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

A blog about my Lake family of Lincolnshire, England.

Walsall Ways

Walsall Ways
Blog type: Individual Family History, UK genealogy

Following the path of evidence to find my Evans and Whitehouse ancestors.

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